2017 Summer Baby Necessities

Tiny little fingers and tiny little toes… and all of those delicious baby rolls to kiss on! Oh, the newness, that first summer of sun-kissed skin, it’s a season that will stay with you forever. You don’t want to hole up at home in the air conditioning, hiding! NO! You want to show off that spectacular being that you birthed. But yet, it’s HOT outside. What’s a new mom to do? Shop of course! No worries there, this Mama to four – with my 5th due this summer – has your back. Not only have I got this parenting thing down (most days), but I have an Amazon cart full of my absolute favorite summer baby items. I have two other August babies, but they are 5 and 7 years old now! (I cannot believe how fast these seasons fly by.) A few of my old must-haves still made my cart, but there are some new things out there that I am so excited to try. If you are due soon, consider adding these to your wishlist, registry, or to your own shopping cart!  (oh, and don't forget to order your Heartbeat Animal to go along with your summer baby!)

Summer Baby Necessities 2017

A Babysitter for Older Siblings

Ok, ok… I know this doesn’t come from Amazon, but if you have any older kids, make sure to plan ahead! Try to set aside time for the big sibling(s) to have fun. A great babysitter can keep the kids occupied for hours while you tend to the newest addition.

Mesh Ring Sling for the Water

I’m not talking about bringing your newborn into the ocean or pool at a few weeks old, but a baby a bit older? Sure! Whether baby gets wet or not is up to you, but the mesh ring sling is the perfect outdoor option because it is breathable and allows the water to pass through. You can keep baby sitting high enough on your chest to be out of the water too. I LOVE using a water sling in the shower too. heat0

Thin, Light-Weight, Breathable Carrier

While I am a faithful ErgoBaby-wearing mama, I won’t lie that I’ve added a few other carriers to my wishlist! A great ring sling is my obsession throughout the newborn stage, but after a few months, I love the convenience of tossing on a more structured carrier. It’s easier on my back and allows me to have full use of both arms. The problem is that most of these carriers are thicker, so finding a great, breathable carrier is key for the hot summer. heat1

Portable (rechargeable) Fan

Years ago, I had to carry spare batteries with me (ANNOYING), but now there are rechargeable versions of stroller fans! You can charge it in the car on your way to wherever and have it ready to keep baby cool for hours. heat2

A Fan with Misting Spray

A small fan with a misting option is great to keep in your bag for easy access. heat3

Baby Tent

A pop-up, easy to pack (and carry) shade tent is key if you plan to be outside for a good portion of the day. heat4

Brimmed Hats

A good mesh or breathable, and wide-brimmed hat is key while outside. heat5

Muslin Sleep Sacks

Muslin fabric is perfect for summer; it leaves you with the option of a warmer or cooler pajama choice for the night. heat6

Muslin Blankets

For some reason, I am addicted to this soft, breathable fabric. My bigger kids still love their blankies, and I buy another set for each new baby. heat7

Car Seat Sun Shade

This is a MUST for car seats. The buckles and fabric can become too hot to set baby on, and the easiest answer is a safe shade that fits the seat and protects it from the heat. This will also help preserve the lifespan of the straps. heat

Window Shades

When choosing a window shade, make sure that it is not a safety hazard if in an accident. The shade is needed, and a simple cling on material will work perfectly. heat8

Baby Stroller Cooling Pad

Another great addition to your list is a cooling pad for the stroller! heat9

Car Noggle

If there are no air vents that can blow toward your baby in the car, a Noggle is a lifesaver. heat10

Cooling Towel

This handy little towel can be easily kept in the diaper bag and pulled out whenever needed. You just pour water on it and ring it out! heat11

Cloth Diapers and Nakedness

Oh my word, summer is the best season for cloth diapers because of the whole ‘minimal clothing’ mandate! Fluffy butts are just the cutest thing ever! heat01

6 months+ Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t recommended until 6 months or older, so hold off until then. heat12

Insulated Sippy Cup

Once baby is old enough to have water (recommended age is 6 months), a sippy cup that keeps water cold is key during those hot days! heat13   Have fun with that new baby this summer!   Four week old newborn baby boy sleeping on a tiny inflatable swim ring. He is wearing crocheted board shorts and black sunglasses.    [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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