Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas: For Boys, Girls, Mom & Dad

ANOTHER Baby Shower? Whether you are a seasoned pro, or you are just starting your rounds on the baby shower circuit, staring at baby registries can become eye-numbing. Everyone is always searching for the best and most creative gift ideas, but typically end up just grabbing something from the list. If you are one of these guests, look no farther. We have a great list of creative baby shower gift ideas that will have you receiving all the oooohhsss and aaahhhhs…..

Best and most Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Diaper Cake: This traditional gift is not only cute, but practical. You can take it a step farther and use cloth diapers instead of disposable. Talk about making a statement piece! You can order an entire ‘stash’ of cloth diapers online for the same price as any other baby shower gift. They come in every color and pattern imaginable. You can include washing instructions in the card and other accessories as cake toppers! If the expecting mom isn’t into cloth diapers, but you want to help keep those non-degradable diapers out of the landfills, choose a brand that is more natural and will breakdown over time!  You can use a muslin blanket to cover each ‘cake layer’ and add to the overall gift experience. CD Stuffed Animal: Gone are the days of moms registering for a plain teddy bear. Avoid your gift being thrown in a toy bin and choose something much more fun. Choose from over 40 plush animals and purchase a heartbeat animal kit so the expecting mother can record her baby’s heartbeat in utero! It will be a keepsake that connects and further bonds the family, while also creating an experience that will never be forgotten. 111717-NEWHOPE-FULL-040 Diaper Bag: The worst thing ever is staring at a wall of diaper bags and having no idea what you are doing. Moms rarely will splurge on a great bag, but man, that sucker gets used every single day – it is worth it, if you can find a good one. The key is to find something that does not scream DIAPER BAG. It needs to be easy to carry and practical, but quite stylish. KS Books for Everyone: Yes, you can pick out a slew of great books for the new baby, but don’t leave Mom out! There are some spectacular books out there that all mothers should own. book Baby Clothes: These seem to be the go-to gift for most baby shower goers, but instead of picking up the first outfit you see on a rack, take the time to find something more fun online or in a boutique. Etsy is always a great place to start the search, and you can find everything from ‘Welcome to the World’ outfits to hairbows and booties. Touch the fabric and think about comfort. A good organic bodysuit or pajama set is worth the money. romp Bandana Bibs: Cute and functional? Yes, Please. bib A Photoshoot: Pool your funds with a few friends and purchase a giftcard for a newborn photo session for the family. The absolute best is a photographer that comes to the house or has a studio to take lifestyle pictures – not the posed pictures of a baby. baby   Leather Baby Shoes: No, babies do not need shoes. They are pretty absurd – BUT, someone has to buy the absurd stuff!  Instead of getting shoes for a newborn, think ahead a bit and choose a pair of leather moccasin style slip on shoes that won’t fall off. Babies start crawling around 6-8 months and walking anytime after that, so a cute pair of shoes will be a great gift! moc Bloomers/Diaper Cover:  Try to do the math on how old the baby will be during the warmer months and find an adorable knit diaper cover that will be used as a staple. Who doesn’t love a half-naked baby on a picnic blanket in the sun? blo Toys that will last forever: Moms are getting smarter and saying no to the toxic crap sold everywhere. The handmade, safe, and gorgeous wood is making it’s way back into the lime light. It withstands the test of time and is beyond gorgeous and high-end! Check out Clover and Birch for more ideas. baby Baby Carrier: An ErgoBaby is always the best and safest carrier to purchase as a gift. But you can also find a gorgeous ring sling or wrap for the new mom! ergo Postpartum Kit for Mom: If you haven’t had a baby, you may not get this one, but the postpartum period is a bit difficult. Throw together a nice basket with a water cup, pads, underwear, a robe, tucks, stool softener, arnica, and a sitz bath. Trust me, she’ll love it. Champagne: Make sure to include a note that says, “Something to POP after you pop!”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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