My Baby´s Heartbeat Bear Founder Turns Forty - Fabulously!

My Baby´s Heartbeat Bear Founder Turns Forty - Fabulously!

Birthdays come and go, but certain ones become landmarks along the way. There's huge reason to celebrate, as My Baby's Heartbeat Bear founder Purusha Rivera turns forty years old! Purusha is the heart and soul behind this company. It was a simple idea that grew until exploding into reality. She began as an ultrasound tech at a small hospital in Elkton, MD, but after having her twins, she needed flexibility and freedom to be the mom she wanted to be. This led her to becoming a private contractor in a local OB/GYN's office. Purusha loved her work, and as technology progressed, her true passion was born. Over the past 6 years, Purusha has worked tirelessly to create a business of high quality, trendy, and meaningful stuffed animals (like the Rainbow Keepsake Kit) that come with a recorder to easily capture the sound of a baby's heart beating during pregnancy. She's not done yet because she's vowed to continue creating heartbeat pregnancy keepsakes that make families smile. It's time to celebrate Purusha's wonderful successes as she makes 40 look fabulous! We all wish her the happiest of birthdays and look forward to more innovative pregnancy gifts and keepsakes in the years to come. Photo credit: pu purushapurusha3 purusha4 purusha10 purusha5 purusha6 purusha7 pu2 pu3 pu4 pu5 pu6 pu7 purusha8 purusha9 purusha12 purusha11

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