The Beauty of Real Fatherhood

Real fatherhood is so much more than just creating a baby.  Today’s fathers are emotionally investing themselves into their relationships, taking part in every possible moment. I could have easily written about all the things to look forward to as a soon-to-be dad.  I could have made lists or charts about becoming a dad. I could have made my husband write this one. But I want to bring you real life.  You know what is beautiful?  Real Dads.  That’s it.  It’s simple really.  Dads who are truly connected to their children are breathtaking.  Dads who take parenting serious are what make moms want to keep having babies. dad35   (This is why I keep getting pregnant.)   dad34 Well, maybe I keep getting pregnant because he does stuff like taking kids on fishing trips, or donut dates, or cramming kids into a bike trailer and riding off for an afternoon of fun together… oh what a beautiful view. Ok. This article is not just about my husband and the amazing father that he is, but rather it is about the reality of fatherhood and just how beautiful it is. File May 21, 1 50 14 PM     Dads who share hobbies with their children are beautiful: dad33 dad32 dad31 dad30 dad29 dad28   Dad’s who Share Their Bed are Beautiful:   dad38 dad27 dad26   Dad’s with Daughters are Beautiful:   dad24   Dad’s with Sons are Beautiful:   dad23 dad22   Dad’s who Babywear are Beautiful:   dad21 dad20   Dad’s with Babies are Beautiful:   dad18 “The best thing that ever happened to me.”     dad17 dad16 dad15 dad14 dad13   Dads Who Dry Tears are Beautiful:   dad tears   Dads Who Play are Beautiful:   dad9 dad10 dad40   dad11 dad12     Dad’s of Many are Beautiful:   dad7   dad8     Real Dads are Beautiful:   dad6 “What a Wild Ride.” "I always thought being a Dad was about having kids, but now I realize it's about having best friends."   dad5 “Fatherhood: Sometimes messy; always worth it.”   dad4 “The Greatest Burden; The Greatest Joy.”   dad3 "The first time I met and held my son it was magic ! My wife and I tried for so long for a family and he was real. I missed his birth and the first few months but he was mine, I could touch him , smell him , he was me just tiny . I love him so much.”   dad2 "My children fill a void I didn't know I had. I thought I was happy but now I know the meaning of pure joy.”   dad1 "If I knew how great fatherhood was I would've done it a lot sooner."
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