The Best Gifts For Superhero Loving Toddlers

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Superman-Loving Toddler!  Some toddlers go through an extended phase of obsessing over a superhero.  During this time, gifts typically revolve around his favorite hero.  The only problem is that most of the plastic junk out there is just that – junk.  Or, you already own it all. I have spent countless hours looking at EVERYTHING superhero, and I have accumulated the absolute best, most creative gifts you can give!

Happy shopping.

Oh – and if you find something amazing that needs to be added, let me know.  Superhero toddlers will thank you forever. File May 21, 1 50 14 PM  

The Top Gifts For Superhero Loving Toddlers

Figurine Toys:  These are not your average plastic figures. city10Shop Here   Capes and Masks:  Etsy is always the place to go for costumes, this is no exception. city11 city12 Shop Here   Pajamas: has amazing pajamas that double as costumes. city6 city5 Shop Here Shoes:  Your toddler’s collection must include an awesome pair of kicks! city7 city8 Shop Here and Here Wall Decals:  No superhero’s room is complete without wall decals! city9 Shop Here Superhero Car:  There are motorcycles, 4-wheelers, and grin-worthy sports cars that will drop your superhero-loving toddler’s jaw. city3 Shop Here  city4 Shop Here   The Bat Signal: No worries, there are many other superheroes to chose from.  city13 Shop Here Night Light: Superheroes can't be scared of the dark.  city14 Shop Here Dinner Plate: This plate will help your superhero grow big and strong! city15 Shop Here   Cardboard City Scape: No superhero can be real without a city to protect! city Shop Here Telephone Booth (Doubles as a Costume Closet): This is the coolest thing EVER. city1 ShopHere Trampoline:  You can go big or small here, but a larger trampoline allows for bigger superhero flips! city16 Shope Here   Zipline:  This one needs to be hung at a reasonable level for safety reasons, but how amazing that your superhero can fly! city17 Shop Here Backpack:  Your toddler needs somewhere to keep all of his superhero accessories. city18 Shop Here Lunchbox: Even superheroes need to eat lunch. city19 Shop Here[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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