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Each plush, high-quality stuffed animal - customizable to your brand - comes with a 20-second recorder that can capture and store a pet's heartbeat, providing an everlasting keepsake for families, a more meaningful relationship with you, as well as a revenue generating opportunity.

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Introducing Baby to FurBaby

Before becoming parents to a human baby, many couples are mom and dad to a furbaby. Typically, this furry, four-legged animal has been placed on quite the pedestal over some long period of time. Bringing home a newborn can present a lot of worry for the expecting family. Here at My Baby's Heartbeat Bear, we love babies -- both human and furry! We are thankful to our fans for sending us the most adorable pictures of their babies together. Along with the photos, we requested for tidbits of advice when it comes to introducing your new human to your pet for the first time.

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