Easter Crafts and Activities

RECORD YOU BABY'S HEARTBEAT IN AN ADORABLE STUFFED ANIMAL! I do not know how Easter snuck up so fast this year.  Maybe it's the craziness of life that made me think we still had another month?  I'll go ahead and blame the 'Mommy Brain' and call it a day. My 3 young ones (6,4,2 years old) love doing crafts...   and making messes.  I should have taken a picture of the patio covered in paint yesterday.  I almost lost it - instead, I snapped this picture of Lyle, my two year old, running around buck-naked, covered in paint, with a box on his head.  THIS is my life. This is why I don't have time to look at a calendar. Needless to say, I've got to jump on the Easter Train quick or it's going to pass us by.  We cut out the baskets and gifts this year, and decided to just do a big blow up pool and water item for each child.  The best part of Easter is the egg hunt and decorations anyway. Here's the list I'm letting my kids pick from throughout the week, hope it triggers a little creativity in you! Easter Bunny Mask Kids Craft Bunny Mask Easter Footprint Canvas Keepsake   Spring Chicken Flower Prints   Word Family Easter Eggs. If your kids have trouble memorizing the words, this would be a funny and helpful Easter activity to learn words. Make a few family eggs with different words. You can make the correct word by spinning the each half of the Easter eggs. Reading Eggs Flower toss. Throw colorful pom poms at these flowers and try to get them land in the center of these flowers. It’s a good way to train you shooting ability. Flowers Marshmallow Easter Bunny: Marshmallow Bunnies Easter Egg Window Art Window Eggs Rock Eggs Be Inspired – 21 Easter Ideas | Cupcakes and Crinoline: Peep Houses Could do this turned opposite way and roll the stone away to an empty tomb - He is risen!: Making Easter crafts is an activity that’ll surely keep your kids occupied for a long period of time and it’s a super way for you to spend some fun time with them! #Easter #Crafts   Letter of the Week Crafts are a fun way to learn and practice the alphabet. Practice the letter B with this bunny craft for kids! It's a great alphabet activity and fun around Easter too!: B is for Bunny Top 10 Interesting Easter Crafts for Kids:
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