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Some moments come once in a lifetime, and they should never be forgotten. Recording a baby’s heartbeat builds a connection and strengthens the bond between a mother, baby, family, and with their birth care provider. Our high-quality, beautiful stuffed animals come with a 20 second recorder that will store a heartbeat even through battery changes. Uploading this sweet sound to our app ensures it will be stored in the cloud forever. Treasure this moment always, become a wholesaler or capture your own baby’s heartbeat and let it be music to your ears.

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50 Pregnancy Ailments: What’s Normal and How to Help.

50 Pregnancy Ailments: What’s Normal and How to Help.

Every pregnancy is different. While you do gain infinite wisdom after birthing a baby, the next pregnancy may just bowl you over with not one similarity to the other. Whether you are an anxious, high-stressed mom-to-be who wants to know every possible ailment that may be heading her way; or you are a mellow, mom of four who thought she had experienced it all, this list may become a useful tool.
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Why We Co-Sleep and Bed-Share With Our Baby

Why We Co-Sleep and Bed-Share With Our Baby

It’s hard to find an infant sleep study or research that has not been funded by crib manufacturers, in which the information is not swayed in favor of cribs and against bed-sharing.  
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Why store the heartbeat on our app, you ask? Peace of Mind, we respond. If you accidently erase the recording from the sound module, you can restore it in minutes.Or perhaps you want to temporarily switch the recording to a sibling singing a lullaby, a parent-to-child good night sign off or your child's first words? You can change the recording, as desired, without worry that you'll lose the original.

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