10 Steps to Spoil a Dad for Father’s Day.

Moms of the world, it’s time for us to completely spoil the fathers of our spectacular offspring.  The one day – let’s be real, whole weekend - is approaching, in which we are expected to pull out all of the stops. So let’s do this.  

How to Spoil a Dad for Father’s Day

Step 1:

Wake up before him and ensure that he gets a few extra hours of sleep than you so he’s well-rested and relaxed for the day ahead. Have the coffee brewing and something ready for breakfast, either elaborate or simple, depending on his likes.


Step 2:

Take care of the kids. Have the little ones fed, cleaned up, and already playing by the time Dad comes downstairs. Also, allow Dad to watch something sports related instead of the cartoons the kids are begging to watch – unless of course Dad loves cartoons.

Step 3:

Clean up the house. Dad doesn’t need to worry about dishes, kitchen floors, playrooms, toilet bowls, or squeezed toothpaste in sinks. He should definitely not have to lift a finger today.

Step 4:

Plan the Day. This means pack the diaper bag, have the car cleaned out and loaded up for the afternoon, and choose an activity that he won’t be bored with. Make sure that you wear the baby, push the stroller, and reapply the sunscreen each hour so he doesn’t have to think about anything other than his own happy thoughts!

Step 5:

Cook Everything. From breakfast to dinner, the meal planning is on your plate this weekend. Ensure a fully stocked fridge with plenty of snackage so he doesn’t get grouchy. You can prevent this grouchiness by continually serving him his favorite foods throughout the day.

Step 6:

Give Him Alone Time. He works hard and deserves alone time. After a full day of not-really-helping, he should get some (more) time to himself. Go ahead and send him fishing or whatever else for a few hours, but make sure you smile and say, “Grab a beer while you’re out! The kids and I will hang out here!”

Step 7:

Have Beer Ready. Upon his return, hand him a beer and ask about his grand solo adventure! Nod as if you understand what alone time feels like.

Step 8:

Hand Him the Remote While You Handle Bedtime.  It’s been a great day so far, keep the momentum going!

Step 9:

Act Refreshed and Excited to Have Sex.  Every dad ever polled has the same answer for what he wants for Father’s Day…. Mama all to himself.

Maybe he’ll add another bundle of joy to celebrate with next year… ha.

Step 10:

Basically, do EVERYTHING AS NORMAL for your weekend schedule, just add in a card and throw on the sexy undies… make sure to stay awake to have sex.  Better yet, have sex first thing in the morning, then you’ll be in a better mood while you handle the entire day yourself!


Father’s Day Planning DONE.

  (All joking aside, my husband is AMAZING to me – and to our little ones! I wish him and all the other superhero dads out there the best Father’s Day!)      
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