5 Brilliantly Easy Pregnancy Announcements for New Year`s

5 Brilliantly Easy Pregnancy Announcements for New Year`s

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Now, how are you going to tell the rest of the world that you are pregnant? I mean, the entire social media world needs to know, and you want to tell them all in the most fun (and easy) way possible! I've come up with five brilliant ways to spill the beans on social media. All five ideas are linked to New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, and all five can be done by YOU without having professional pictures taken or spending a ridiculous amount of money. Oh, did I mention they are brilliant ideas? I'm just going to toot my New Year's horn over here and lift my glass of champagne (because after finding out I was pregnant with baby #5 ON New Year's Eve last year, I'm definitely drinking this year) and cheers to you and your killer pregnancy announcement.

5 Brilliant New Year's Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Remember to keep it simple! Overthinking and over-posting will take away from your huge news!

Minimalist Style

I like the idea of adding the tagline, "New Year's Resolution 2018: Master Motherhood" and clip a sonogram photo to a calendar opened to the month you are due. If you don't have a sonogram picture to use, then just circle the due date and label the day "Maybe Baby's Birthday?" Sonogram of a small baby on a wooden background.

Champagne and a Sippy Cup

Take a quick picture of your favorite adult beverage (or champagne for New Year's) next to a sippy cup with the caption, "This Mama needs to shop for new juice." Or a simple "Passing on the bubbles this year!" NY Photo Credit: Pinterest (If this was your announcement, contact us so we can credit you!)


A simple picture of the two of you with huge smiles, confetti flying, and a caption that states, "Welcoming a baby in 2018!" or a more creative tagline of  "Ringing in the new year together as two, but next year, there will be someone tiny and new!" NY1 Photo Credit: The Southern Style Guide

A Carton of Ice Cream with a Pickle on Top

You know this one will get the laughs, but tie it into New Years by writing, "Looks like gaining weight will be on my to-do list this year!" Beautiful young pregnant woman craving ice cream and pickles.

Countdown to Baby

You can cut out and string up the garland and take a fun picture in front of the decorated wall! NY2 photo credit: pinterest (if this is yours, let us know so we can credit you!) There are so many ways you can personalize these ideas! Think about champagne toasts, new year's decorations, party clothes (baby sized!), resolutions, and countdowns. Pull your idea together with a very simple picture that you execute yourself, and then slap that suck on all of your social media platforms... and wait for the comments to start posting!   Oh, and don't forget to order your heartbeat animal kit to capture your baby's heartbeat forever! Our gender reveal kits make a great announcement! (And if you are expecting a rainbow baby, you definitely understand how sweet this moment is.) ny3
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