Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for the Holidays

The holiday season is about to become a little more special for all of those who you plan to announce your pregnancy to! While a simple phone call or in person conversation will get the job done, it's nowhere near as much fun as celebrating your news in a creative way that will have everyone hitting the 'love' button. At My Baby's Heartbeat Bear, we are in the business of pregnancies! We get all giddy when someone we know shares the big news. Who are we kidding? We pop champagne for anyone and everyone who lets us in on their secret! Our heartbeat animals have been used to share pregnancies across the globe, but when you combine the magic of the holidays with increasing the bond between mom, baby, and family with one of our adorable heartbeat animal kits, you are sure to surprise loved ones. Record your baby's heartbeat at your next appointment, store it inside of the stuffed animal, and wrap the surprise up for under the tree. Make sure you set up your camera to capture the moment it is opened! announce0 If you can't wait until you've heard the heartbeat to share your news, then you'll need another great idea. (Go ahead and save the heartbeat kit for your gender reveal!) We've still got you covered, from professional picture ideas to DIY announcements, you are sure to be inspired.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for the Holidays

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Send your news out with your holiday cards.

Everyone loves opening picture cards in the mail. If you share your news this way, expect the phone calls, text messages, and online comments to start rolling in about 2 days after you mail those cards out! announce

Elf on the Shelf can spill the beans!

Include an ultrasound picture, a positive pregnancy test, a spilled jar of jelly beans, or stuff a cotton ball under Elf's shirt to get a good laugh and plenty of points for creativity! You can tell your other kids this way or just use the photo for social media purposes. announce1


Add a new stocking to the mantle -- a tiny one!

Or hang a reserved sign! announce00

A 'Naughty' Twist!!

Depending on your sense of humor, a photo like this may be right up your alley. announce3 announce2

Holiday song lyrics can be spun to make your big announcement.

What do the following lyrics have in common? "I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause Baby, it's cold outside. All I want for Christmas is you. Joy to the world. Rocking around the Christmas tree. You guessed it... There won't be many silent nights around here!" announce000
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