Pink or Blue, Do Cravings Give a Clue?

Calm yourselves, preggos of the world.  This article is based on myths, wives’ tales, and one small, random study that links food aversions to gender prediction. So please (I repeat, PLEASE) do no go buy anything that labels your tiny fetus by a specific gender after reading this.   Who am I kidding?  I have four children, a daughter (7) and three sons (5,3,8 months).  If I was granted another girl, she would be in ruffles and bows bigger than her head. Go ahead and call me a hypocrite. I can take it.  I will mention that there is a huge difference between dressing your daughter in pink as a baby, and decking her out in items labeling her ‘less than’ a boy. Pick your path, mama.  I believe in you.   ge Ok, that was a bit off track. Let’s jump back into why you clicked on my article.  You pee’d on a stick a few weeks ago (or this morning) and are dying to figure out if you are having a boy or a girl, right? Of course I am right. Have you read my article summarizing EVERY.SINGLE.WIVES.TALE?  That article has gone viral 10 times over and the amount of questions I get is just crazy.  So here I sit, NOT pregnant this time (but I am nursing my littlest), dishing out another awesome gender myth post.   Everyone expects to experience pregnancy cravings, and many myths link certain cravings to growing a specific gender. It is all a load of bull.  But you wanted me to dig deep, so here you go! The gist of the myths: Sweets, Dairy and Fatty Food Cravings = GIRL Protein, Salty and Spicy Food Cravings = BOY Oh, but that is way too boring.  You know I’ve dug deeper than that… The following chart was found in a 2014 published study about pregnancy cravings.  The top cravings include:
Rank Substance Craved %
1 Sweets (e.g., chocolate, candy) 25.9
2 Carbohydrates, high-calorie, savory (e.g., pizza, chips) 19.3
2 Animal protein (e.g., steak, chicken) 19.3
4 Fruit 18.8
5 Dairy, high-calorie, savory (e.g., cheese, sour cream) 17.8
5 Carbohydrates, other (e.g., pretzels, cereal) 17.8
7 Fast food (e.g., Chinese, Mexican, falafel) 17.3
8 Cold foods (e.g., ice cream, slurpee) 13.2
9 Vegetables 12.2
10 Dairy, high-calorie, sweet (e.g., ice cream, milkshakes) 11.7
  The body begins changing the moment pregnancy occurs.  It is believed that the changing hormones and the mother’s body depleting nutrients faster may both be the reasoning behind pregnancy cravings.  I wrote more specifics on what pregnancy cravings mean, so check that out when you have a minute and make sure to meet your body’s needs.  This hormone theory is very interesting, as a woman’s body is adapting to pregnancy, and the fetus is developing it’s reproductive organs, there is a huge hormonal shift.  This shift is different dependent upon the sex of the fetus.  Following this rule of thought, it means that the hormonal roller coaster that triggers food cravings may be linked to the baby’s gender. Then you realize that every woman’s hormone levels are different.  This would make sense as to why the craving theory is true for some mothers and false for others.  (Which brings me back to you NOT purchasing pink or blue yet!) Pregnancy alters the senses – including taste. 75% of mothers alter their diet in some way while pregnant to meet their aversions or needs. Let me add, the above chart shows just how unhealthy most cravings are; please make sure you are meeting your dietary needs before consuming the sugars and bad fats. Not meeting your body’s needs can affect the growing baby and your own health. After scouring the research and the trust-worthy blog-isphere, here are the foods linked to specific genders:


  • Chocolate
  • Sweet or Citrus Fruit
  • Milk
  • Bread
  • (Meat Aversion)
  • Orange Juice
  • Teriyaki Sauce
  • Fried Foods


  • Meat
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Cheese
  • Peanut Butter
  • Hot Sauce
  • Buffalo Sauce
  • Comfort Foods
  ge1 After four babies, I’ll tell you that a few of these cravings ring true to my pregnancies, but just as many send me to the floor laughing.  What say you, mama? What are your cravings and what gender are you carrying?   References:
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