8 Ways to Survive the Summer Pregnant

8 Ways to Survive the Summer Pregnant

I actually love being pregnant in the summer. Call me crazy - go ahead, but hear me out. Fewer Maternity Clothes Swimming Pools Watermelon You get plenty of Vitamin D All of Fall, Winter, and Spring to Lose the Baby Weight Summer babies tend to be at risk for less illnesses It's Farmer Market Season! Maxi Dresses are Awesome Summer Babymoon-Vacations are the BEST
Having a baby during any season is quite the blessing, and you can find pro's and con's to all of it.  But instead of complaining, I'm going to give you some ideas on how to stay cool and survive the summer pregnant. I have had two August babies - one in Florida and the other in Georgia.  I understand your current cranky mood.  I thought I would leave my husband during my first pregnancy because our AC broke and he didn't want to stop for a few box fans for me to survive the 24 hours before our air would be functioning again.  (Seriously, what was he thinking? 8.5 months pregnant and 95+ degrees outside.....) You produce more blood while pregnant, already heating up your internal thermostat - add to that the heat and humidity, and well, you are probably a bit sweaty, somewhat moody, and HELLUVA HOT.   sum2

Summer Survival Tips

Always have a hydrating drink in your hands.  Flavored water, ice water, fresh lemonade, La Croix (my personal obsession),  coconut water, etc.   Ditch sodas or anything with a syrup and sugar added in - even look at your water bottle labels, as some contain sodium (salt) to keep you dehydrated and craving more water!  (Oh those big businesses want your money!)  Eat hydrating foods, and often.  Stock up on your fruits and veggies- melons, plums, oranges, grapes, coconuts, cucumbers, celery, etc.  Don't let these be a substitute for your water intake, but eating them will keep you cooler internally.  (You may want to skip the spicy foods if they make you hot!)   File May 21, 1 50 14 PM   Turn your oven off.  Cooking with the oven heats the entire house. Pull out your crockpot, instant pot, delivery menus, or cold leftovers instead. Rest when you can.  The body naturally swells during pregnancy, but the heat increases the swelling.  Find a shady place - or an air conditioned spot - and put your feet up.  You may want to take your rings off if you notice any swelling.  (It'll be better than having them cut off if your swelling gets worse.) GET WET.  Jump in the pool as often as possible.  The water will take the heat and the weight away from you.  Swim or float to your heart's content.   sum3     Wear breathable clothing. Purchase cotton tank tops, flowy skirts, sun visors, and flip flops.   Take advantage of the coolest parts of the day.  Get all of your errands and outside journeys tackled in the morning or late evening so you can stay inside during the hottest points of the day. Take advantage of anyplace that has air conditioning: The mall, movie theater, restaurants, library, a friend's house even!  It can get boring sitting around alone.   sum1 Happy Pregnancy to YOU!   Don't let the summer heat beat you down.  Enjoy every moment you have that little baby growing inside of you!


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