10 Reasons Winter Babies are Awesome

10 Reasons Winter Babies are Awesome

All of the social media outlets are about to start filling up with winter baby pregnancy announcements.  There must have been something in this summer’s water because I have a handful of friends sharing their secret with me right now.  I love hearing the news!   So this article is being written for them – and you- as a way to help everyone get excited for all these chilly-weathered babies coming. Congratulations!!  If you are reading this, I’ll assume that you (or someone you know) is pregnant and due this winter.  Having a baby in the winter, surrounded by all of the holiday festivities, is just plain fantastic. My third baby was born in later November, and I loved it.  Granted, I love all of my children’s birthdays – but Lyle’s birth was just spectacular.  Maybe that has something to do with it?  Or maybe winter babies are just super cool… I’ve compiled the top 10 reasons that I believe having a winter baby is awesome. Happy smiling baby in a funny colorful hat and scarf  


Holiday Seasons are HAPPINESS wrapped in ribbons and smiles.



This study found that winter babies are larger than summer babies.  I doubted it, but then realized that Lyle was born at 37 weeks even, but was an entire inch longer than my babies that came at 38 and 39 weeks!



The same study found that winter (and spring) middle to upper class babies may actually be smarter than those born in the summer and fall.  That’s right, researchers studied newborns and followed up at age 7, and something about being born in the winter linked the children to higher intelligence!  Personally, my winter baby is my sneaky, mischievous one. He is always testing limits and crossing boundaries and pushing our buttons.  I’m about 99.99% sure that means he is a genius.

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Vitamin D is easily absorbed all summer long, and that natural vitaminD is passed to your baby – increasing the odds for a healthy pregnancy and newborn!  (Make sure you take Vitamin D throughout your pregnancy though because once summer ends, so does that high amount of natural vitamins.  Winter babies are linked to weaker bones and higher instances of neurological problems - all linked to vitamin D)



Pregnancy makes you warm… warmer than warm – basically like a sauna.  The cold air feels so great when sporting around 25 extra pounds (or more).

  File May 21, 1 50 14 PM  


One study says that winter-born babies are more well-behaved than summer babies. I’d like to have a word with those researchers because my winter baby is the opposite of my others – especially in this area. (My first two are summer babies)   But maybe mine was a fluke, and your winter babe will prove the study right!




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Everyone will have to come to you this year for the holidays.  You’ll pocket all the money you would have needed to spend traveling.



You get to use the weather as an excuse to do nothing but lay around and snuggle your newborn.  (Did someone mention flu germs? No thanks!)



You do not need to put on a bathing suit for MONTHS.

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