11 Creative Ways to Make a Pregnancy announcement this Valentine`s Day

Love is in the air, and so are pregnancy announcements! Are you trying to think up the most creative way to share your big news this Valentine's Day?  Look no farther, I have the 11 best ideas for you to choose from.


11 Greatest Pregnancy Announcements for Valentine's Day

  Personalized Candy Hearts:  This etsy shop will engrave each heart with a special message like “I’m Pregnant!” or “New Baby” – You can choose any words you would like!  Snap a photo of your candy hearts and share on social media. V1   Heartbeat Animal: There is something so special about sharing the sound of your baby’s heart beating with the world.  Take a short video with a heartbeat animal and an ultrasound picture and share away! Personalized Coffee Mug:   As the coffee drinker finishes his/her cup of joe, they will have an unexpected surprise.  Hopefully, they don’t choke on their last gulp! V3   Chalkboard or Cover Page Announcement:  (This was made on PicMonkey.com) “Roses are Red Valentines are Sweet Our Family is Growing By One Heart And Two Feet!” V4

 Baby Onesie:  (All found on Etsy.com)


V6   Heart Balloons:  (Original Source: Pinterest.com) v7    Cookie Cutters:  (original source: pinterest.com) v8   Iced Sugar Cookies:  Have heart-shaped cookies made with the family member’s names on them, including one smaller one with “baby” scrolled across. You can choose any wording and cookie shapes that you can dream up! (Original Source: Pinterest.com) v9   Donuts: This etsy shop creates themed boxes for each week of pregnancy! v10   You could also go with the munchkin donut theme: v11   (Photo credit: http://www.briicherriphoto.com/blog/2016/4/5/got-a-secret-i-cant-keep-it-baby-kinseys-on-the-way-greenville-nc-pregnancy-announcement) Hershey Kisses:  (Original Source: Pinterest.com) v12 My Favorite (Because it's mine!): Sweet Hearts and a picture! heart      
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