12 Most Adorable Infant Costumes Ideas For Halloween 2017

Halloween is so much fun, especially when the kids are young enough to not care what you dress them in! Let's face it, we have about 2 years worth of costume choices before our kids have a say... But there is something about that first Halloween. A tiny newborn, an infant who is barely sitting, one who is rolling around, or even one who is trying to walk - that first Halloween is ridiculously cute. It's tempting to walk into the nearest  Target and buy something that screams trendy, but then the buyer's remorse will set in - I promise. Anyone can buy that 'convenient' costume, so it's worth taking the time to find the right one. In my random free time as a mom to 8, 6, 3, and 1 year olds - oh and the tiny new squish I had last month, I came across some of the cutest Halloween costume ideas! While spending the late night - early mornings awake nursing this newbie, I stumbled upon a few amazing Etsy shops... one of which will be getting my business this month. Let's just say that these costumes are too cute not to share!

12 of the Sweetest Halloween Costumes for Infants

Strawberry Shortcake hallo   Princess Jasmine hallo1   The Beast hallo2 Moana hallo3   Minion hallo4   Rapunzel hallo5   Doctor Scrubs hallo6 Giraffe hallo7 The Cat in the Hat hallo8 Monkey  --- But don't forget to snag a picture of your monkey with his My Baby's Heartbeat Monkey! hallo10 Frankenstein hallo11   Peacock hallo9
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