13 Fall Traditions to Start Right Now

13 Fall Traditions to Start Right Now

No matter where you live, fall is an invitation to go outside. It’s boot season, and once the boots come out, it’s time for fall traditions. What's better than adult boots? Baby boots! Even better than that are matching boots for mom and tot! Can you tell we get excited once the season starts changing? Everyone at My Baby's Heartbeat Bear enjoys a nice fire pit, a day at the pumpkin patch, and chatting about Thanksgiving side dishes. Together, we created the following list so you don't miss out on our favorite fall traditions with your own family. falll

Top 13 Family Fall Traditions

Hiking:   The bugs are gone, the air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and the kids are old enough to walk a few miles (slowly).  Throw a baby on your back, pack 1.2 million snacks and hit the trails! Camping:  The fall is the best season to camp. The ground is dry, most kids are in school, bugs are gone, s’mores taste great, you can do red or white wine, and camping is cheap. Our family of 6 knows how to camp like no other.  We toss kids on air mattresses inside of our 12 person mansion tent and spend a few adult hours by the camp fire with our wireless speaker filling the air with Amos Lee.  It may not be the most rustic adventure, but we are under the stars – and close to a bathroom.  That is a win-win, folks.  We typically go fishing, hiking, exploring, and bring kids’ bikes on our camping trips.  Pack some pancake mix and a griddle and head out to the nearest camping grounds, fall is calling. falll1 The First Fire: We make the first fire of the year a huge deal.  Late September is when we have a cord of wood delivered to the house, and then we wait.  We wait for the perfect night. My husband has the kids help him build the fire.  We all watch it roar, eating homemade desserts and sharing stories. Apple Picking:  This is a new tradition for us this year.  We are heading to an orchard and will bring home a million apples.  I wrote about all the recipes we will be trying HERE.  I’m hoping the kids love this, and that my apple pie tastes that much better with hand-picked apples. Pumpkin Picking/Carving:  Every family member must pick a pumpkin.  That is just common sense.  A day at the pumpkin patch is in order to find said pumpkins.  We have done multiple things with these items – painted them, glittered them, carved, stickered, and feathered them in years passed.  I think that’s half the fun, letting the kids decide what to do with them before they are declared masterpieces! Fall festival: Corn mazes and hayrides await you.  We have done the spookier rides and the non-scary (read: boring) rides each year.  For some reason, kids absolutely love this tradition.  I love that our farms typically serve wine. Decorating:  I go all out for seasonal décor.  I actually think it’s time to pick up a few new pieces. The kids love to hang up crafts, drape fake spider webs, and run around as ghosts.  I love the turkeys, pumpkins, and fall leaves!   fall Fall Baking: October is National Cookie month!  I did not know that was a thing.  Maybe that’s why I start craving my homemade cookies this time of year?  It is time for soups, casseroles, mashed potatoes and gravy.  Smoothies are replaced with oatmeal in our house each morning, and warm desserts are baked weekly. Hot Chocolate:  A little secret, this is MY favorite.  I am not a coffee drinker, but damn it I drop some $$ at the Starbuck’s drive thru on their almond milk hot cocoa (extra hot) every fall.  I think it’s laced with crack because that $4.65 flies out faster than I can drink it down.  I am also guilty of buying the kid version of the drink.  Yes, that means I’m spending a fortune.  We also make this treat at home.  (I’m not that lazy.) Pizza: October is National Pizza Month!  Cookies and pizza? Apparently so.  Every Friday night is pizza night here.  We make the dough and let everyone top their own pizzas.  Pair this with a fire, cold wine, and a movie, and I’d say TGIF wins the week. falll2 Sports: It’s football season in our house.  My husband becomes sucked into the television and is unable to hear anything that comes from my lips.  Instead of letting him watch the games in peace, we have turned it into a family tradition.  My husband takes the boys to a game while my daughter and I go do something fun!  As a family, we play soccer, baseball, football, kickball, etc… each weekend. Plant spring flowers:  It’s time to teach patience.  The planting of the spring bulbs is here.  Each child gets to pick their flowers, plant them and forget the exist until the snow melts and tiny green shoots spring from the ground. Visit a Zoo:  The animals are happier in the fall; everyone is happier in the fall.  The zoo is also less crowded for some reason.  Take the kids for an entire day and explore it all.  Buy a jumbo bag of popcorn and use animal voices.  It will make for an everlasting memory.   fall2
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