13 Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

It’s the holiday season, and the countdown to Santa’s arrival has begun.  We have already started to eat double our advent calendar chocolate (yes, I buy that many calendars), and wish lists have been made.  But this year, we have a tiny one amongst us.  My youngest is just 4  months old, and this is her first Christmas! We have five children and with each one, we have created new Christmas traditions.  We have maintained everything we started so many years ago, and now our oldest daughter is old enough to recognize those traditions! We are reminded this year just how special these “First Christmas” items are – they are remembered forever. Since I have had the time to really digest the first baby’s first Christmas, I feel as though I can recommend the following ideas confidently.  I don’t want you to waste your time, effort, or money on things that won’t be treasured! Take your time to figure out a few things that you truly want to accomplish this year with your new baby.  Remember though that no one is watching or judging, and you can always change things up next year.

Top 13 Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

Use your holiday card as a bragging platform!  There is nothing better than a sweet baby picture. Everyone loves a baby.  You can be on the card too, but you do not have to be.  A picture of your little one covered in spaghetti sauce will bring a smile to every recipient’s face. Visit Santa.  It doesn’t matter how tiny your baby is, Santa shouldn’t be skipped. Pulling out the Santa pictures year after year will fill you with holiday cheer. Unwrap a gift on Christmas Eve.  Christmas day is overwhelming for young kids, especially tiny babies.  Most little ones are too little to understand the entire event, and the music, lights, paper, and toys may be too much.  By spending Christmas Eve eating something yummy and unwrapping something special, you can create a tradition that will be loved forever. Find the perfect pajamas – for EVERYONE.  You can all match!  You can find PJ’s for all of the kids in the extended family and take a huge family picture, or just keep it simple with a PJ set for Baby. Order something (quick!) for baby to wear day-of.  If your little one is rolling, crawling, or toddling around, look for something that will look comfy and cute in pictures! firstx Etsy Buy Here Start your own traditions – just yours.  I mean that you can continue your own (and your in-law’s) traditions, but you do have the ability to start your own.  Bake something special for breakfast, make a certain cookie for Santa, or do fireworks on Christmas night! Make a handprint ornament.  Those tiny little fingers are going to grow faster than you can imagine. firstx5 Pottery Barn Kids Have Grandparents record a Christmas storybook for Baby.  Pick a recordable classic Christmas story for a grandparent to record and save it to be read every year. Collect a Christmas book.  You can go with a traditional classic, or a modern take on a classic.  You can also look for a new story or a personalized book. Every year choose another to add to the collection. firstx3 Amazon firstx4 Buy Here Take pictures, even if baby is asleep. Even the tiniest little elves need pictures taken.  A crawling tot may not pose well, but it doesn’t matter.  Keep these pictures because the moments will blur by! Give Baby a piggy bank. Without a piggy bank, you won’t start saving your change.  Every penny counts. Travel, have fun, and continue living….  You do not have to sit at home during the holidays if you typically enjoy other traditions!  You can wear your baby, pack light, and head anywhere you like! Create a Christmas time capsule. You can use it to store anything from the past year that you will want to remember about your baby – a note about the day her first tooth cut through, first steps, first words, etc.  The dress she wore to see Santa and pictures from the day of can be stored and saved to be opened in 18 years. Photo of curious and surprised baby in Santa cap looking at giftbox in his hands Note to inspector: the image is pre-Sept 1 2009
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