38 Week Fetal Ultrasound

By 38 weeks along, some mothers are already holding their newborn, but most are still ‘baking’ them in utero. The average pregnancy length is 41 weeks and 1 day with many reaching 42 weeks. A few women elect to have one last peek at their little one before meeting him in person. This last ultrasound provides the most precious view of just what the baby looks like, and even some little personality traits that will occur outside of the womb! The following video is an ultrasound from 38 weeks pregnant, and the growing baby is sucking her fingers! You can see clearly how her jaw muscles are working. I wonder if she’ll continue the habit earth side! At 38 weeks gestation, a baby is stocking up on fat, plumping up with tiny fat rolls. The vernix is thinning out, but would probably still be visible if baby arrived now. (Don’t forget to skip the bath and rub that wonderful vernix in to baby’s skin!)  The average 38 week baby weighs in at 6.8lbs and measures around 19.5 inches long. She can survive outside the womb, as all organs should be completely mature, but there is no rush! Each baby needs her own time in utero to grow. There is a reason she hasn’t made her appearance yet. Enjoy the last few days or weeks of kicks and quietness because life will be changing soon! And if you get the chance to hear baby's heartbeat one last time before delivery, make sure you record it to keep forever!
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