5 Reasons You Need an In-House Ultrasound Tech

5 Reasons You Need an In-House Ultrasound Tech

I spent eight years in the hospital setting before crossing into a single office. Both places allowed for me to grow as an ultrasound tech; however, the five years I worked in-house, will always be the most fond years of my imaging career. Getting to know a small staff and becoming a part of the daily team gave my job a more definitive purpose and felt less ‘assembly-line’ than my previous experience. I was able to focus on perfecting and continually educating my skills, and I was able to relax and bond with my clients.

Many OB/GYN offices have not yet added an in-house tech to their team, but I would like to offer a few personal reasons as to why it would be a significant bonus to any practice.

Whether your office has just begun to grow, or it is already well established, you will always be seeking ways to make it feel like a place of comfort for women to visit. A welcoming office staff, kind bedside manners, an educated team, and an all-inclusive experience will always bring families back with future pregnancies. 


5 Reasons You Need an In-House Ultrasound Tech


Creating a Team and Family Atmosphere in Your Office 

Having a tech who works solely within your office allows her to understand the ins and outs of your business. She learns how you like things completed and is able to contribute to the positive atmosphere of the office. When an office staff functions fluidly, a business thrives. 


Ensuring Adept Interpersonal Skills

You want an ultrasound tech who holds your patient’s hand and puts your patient's anxiety at ease. Trusting that your tech is compassionate, well-educated, and able to form instant connections, grants your business the promise of repeat families. That connection can be cultivated through personal experiences such as offering to record and store a baby’s heartbeat, offering special gender reveal options, and including partners or siblings in the ultrasound appointment.


All-Inclusive One Stop Shop

Your clients trust and love you, and offering an in-house imaging option allows them the ability to use your office alone throughout their entire pregnancy. Seeing an ultrasound tech in the room next door means they are not waiting for scans to be sent to their doctor, read, and then discussed at a future appointment. If a scan is not normal, you are notified immediately, and your patients are informed within moments, not days. This alone creates a culture and atmosphere that new parents desire in a birth team. 



Keeping the same ultrasound tech allows mothers to bond throughout their pregnancy. Every scan is comfortable. This continuity also means the tech knows the patient’s history and gives her a better understanding of what she should keep her eyes open for during the appointment.


A Lucrative Business

Billing for in-house ultrasounds can be quite profitable. It is a service that minimally changes your day-to-day practice; however, it greatly impacts your bottom line.


When looking to fill this position, make sure you find a tech that fits with your personality, is independent, friendly, knowledgeable, and is RDMS certified in OB/GYN.  



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