5 Ways to Increase Revenue & Better Connect with Patients

5 Ways to Increase Revenue & Better Connect with Patients

In the medical profession, it can often seem as though it takes an eternity to acquire new patients but only a second to lose them. This is no different when it comes to the field of sonography, in particular. Mothers-to-be have understandably high expectations for their healthcare. They want personalized attention, modern convenience and relational engagement. They want a physician who advocates for their child’s well-being—and their own—instead of treating them like a number on the patient assembly line. The recent surge in popularity around ultrasound studios affirms that expectant mothers are looking for a sense of intimacy with their prenatal care, and you are in a unique position to curate that meaningful experience for them. Given my background working as an ultrasonographer and my current role as a business owner with strong connections to the medical field, here are five strategies which I have found to be successful in not only attracting patients—but getting to be part of the milestone moments in their pregnancies.  

Boost Your Community Involvement.

In order to secure visibility and recognition among new patients, it’s vital to interact with the community in which they live. Step outside your practice and become a fixture at local events for a generous cause. Organize a staff-wide service project or fundraising initiative. Participate in a walk to raise money for premature babies. Volunteer at a pregnancy crisis outreach center. Whether you donate time or finances, civic engagement is a positive way to foster a charitable image for your center, while establishing yourself as a familiar and accessible face to expectant mothers who need your services.  

Engage with Patients on Social Media. 

Being active on social media has turned into a non-negotiable aspect of business marketing. The most effective tools for increasing traffic to your website are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. These platforms enable you to connect and communicate with people in real-time to make them aware of how your offerings can benefit them. Successful engagement on social media requires being authentic in your posts, so people can relate with your team on a human level. Speak directly and inclusively to your audience, provide educational resources on motherhood, show behind-the-scenes photos of gender reveals—whatever sends a message that you’re both transparent and trustworthy.

Create an Atmosphere that’s Inviting. 

When mothers-to-be walk into the lobby, this becomes their first visual impression of your studio, and it can set the tone for their whole experience. Ensure they are greeted by a welcoming staff member who can assist them with the intake forms, while making them feel relaxed. In the waiting area, surround them with soothing colors, aesthetic décor and comfortable furnishings. You can even pipe in soft, meditation music through background speakers to help them unwind. Being intentional with the office environment reassures new patients that you care about both their well-being and the baby’s.  

Give Patients a Meaningful Keepsake.

Treating your patients like valued human beings is one of the most profound ways to enhance the level of care in your practice. Focus on creating a safe and supportive experience for people. In fact, this desire to show patients meaningful and exceptional kindness is what inspired me to launch My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. As a former ultrasonographer, I know the importance of giving expectant mothers an unforgettable memory of their ultrasound. Offering these keepsakes to your patients can help forge a relationship with them and generate revenue in the process.  

Host In-Office Gender Reveal Parties. 

This idea ties into the previous suggestion, but there’s no better way of showing patients how much you care than celebrating their pregnancy milestones along with them—and what is more exciting than finding out if the baby is a little boy or girl? When your patients arrive for this important ultrasound, make the moment even more special and genuine by surprising them with a gender reveal celebration right in your office. This gesture will communicate that you share their enthusiasm and sincerely want invest in them as new parents. I’ve also found this to be an ideal opportunity for getting friends, siblings and family members involved which can increase awareness about your practice.

Remember, the goal is to nurture a sense of comfort, safety and reassurance inside your practice that cannot be found elsewhere. Expectant mothers want to feel entirely cared for when they enter through your doors, and you can provide them with that peace of mind. Bottom line—if they know that you can be entrusted with their health and this life they’re bringing into the world, then your practice/ultrasound studio is fulfilling its purpose.

by Purusha Rivera, founder and owner of My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear

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