A Comprehensive Checklist For Baby Care This Winter

A Comprehensive Checklist For Baby Care This Winter

Have you checked the Farmer's Almanac to see just how cold your winter is predicted to be this year? While pregnancy tends to increase your body temperature, welcoming the change of seasons, there's more needed than just a jacket to fit around your baby bump! As you countdown to meeting your winter baby, have fun checking things off of your list. With winter comes a huge drop in temperatures for most of our country. These temperatures can bring challenges with them, especially for moms preparing to have -or totting around a baby. You'll have to add a few more necessities to that list to ensure everyone stays happy and warm.

The Winter Additions to Your List:

  • Tunic-Style Sweaters (to fit over that bump)
  • Winter Coat (that fits the bump but can be used while babywearing)
  • Soothing, Moisturizing Lotion (for you and baby)
  • Warm Layering Baby Clothes Baby Sweaters (that either zip or button)
  • Warm Car Seat Blanket: You cannot use a winter coat, bunting, or other thick and fluffy item on your baby in the car seat. This prevents the safety seat from protecting your baby. Instead, dress baby in thinner layers, buckle her in, and use a blanket over the straps.
  • Baby Hats Warm Socks (babies don't need shoes)
  • Mittens Footed Sleepers Humidifier   

The Basics That are Often Overlooked:

  • Warm Nightgown for the Hospital (and socks!)
  • Prep Baby Items: Wash, fold, and put away, but leave the tags on most of the smallest items if you aren't sure how big your baby will be. Returning and exchanging may come in handy. Record Baby's Heartbeat: It is truly the pregnancy keepsake you will treasure forever.
  • First Aid Kit (for home and car) Prepare Freezer Meals   Don't stress out about having a winter baby, instead, enjoy the crisp air, hot chocolate, and holiday music while patiently awaiting your sweet little bundle of joy!
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