Baby Envision: Michigan's Premier Ultrasound Office

Catching a glimpse of a growing baby will make every mother beam with excitement; and hearing her baby’s heartbeat will always be music to her ears. Being able to give families the opportunity to do these things is a privilege that many ultrasound offices have decided to take to the next level. Ultrasound technicians everywhere are taking their appointments and turning them into experiences for their clients. By recording babies’ heartbeats and storing them in a My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, their clients are able to take the experience home with them to hold onto forever.

Baby Envision, a prestigious 4D Ultrasound Studio located in Michigan, is a proud wholesaler of My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Animals. According to Heather Michalski, owner of Baby Envision, “Offering our clients a unique experience that is focused on celebrating the new little life that is brewing inside of them is what this is all about. We want them to be able to get excited and experience everything they can with their baby while he or she is still inside the womb. With My Baby's Heartbeat Bears, not only
can they see and hear their baby during the ultrasound, they also have a lasting heartbeat keepsake they can love over and over again!” She adds, “Moms, dads, and grandparents, they all oooh and aaah when they realize what the sweet plush animals are for in our office.”

Each and every pregnancy is special. Baby Envision understands that no parent forgets the first time they hear their baby’s heartbeat. “A baby's heartbeat is really the most important and amazing
thing we get to see and hear, and it means so much to be able to provide families-to-be the gift of hearing it again and again.”

As a business, providing clients with a keepsake they can interact with and see every day sets you apart and makes you unique. Heather states that “70% of clients purchase a My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear after learning about them.” This becomes “a great added income to the business.” Partnering with My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear truly provides benefits for both the business and the growing families.

For Heather, My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is more than just a keepsake she offers to her clients. She understands that not every baby is going to be held. Not every baby’s heartbeat will continue beating. “When I think about our clients that no longer have their babies, their ultrasound pictures and that heartbeat animal will be all they have to hold on to.” She recently had a repeat client come in early in her second pregnancy. Immediately, the family wanted the heartbeat recorded and stored. After the loss of their first baby at the end of pregnancy, “they wanted a heartbeat bear as soon as possible” with their second. “Their loss was devastating, and they could not imagine not having their first daughter’s heartbeat to listen to.” While there are no guarantees with any pregnancy, having a My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear gives a sense of comfort knowing that a client will always have a part of the life they grew to cherish.


If you are in the neighborhood of Baby Envision, and you are expecting a sweet new baby, schedule an ultrasound and experience firsthand the reason we love partnering with them.  


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