Best Relief for Back Pain in Labor

Best Relief for Back Pain in Labor

Pregnancy and labor pain go hand in hand! Here's how to tackle labor pain during pregnancy successfully!
Pregnancy, labor and birth have a funny way of throwing you for a loop just when you think you've figured it all out. This is especially true when it comes to labor!  Everything you read talks about the wave of contractions, the progression, the transition, and the birth. And yes, that is a pretty typical labor. But, so many women have no idea that those contractions may not actually occur as written in the textbook. They may not tighten the abdomen and intensify in a mildly progressive manner. Nope. The contractions may wrap around the lower back and cause intense pain and because of the location, you may doubt you are even in labor in the beginning. This is called Back Labor, and it flat out sucks. Ask me how I know. Go ahead, do it. I spent hours bouncing on a ball at 38 weeks with the worst back pain. It seemed to come and go and hurt like freaking hell. I finally fell asleep --uncomfortably, but awoke at 1:30am with the worst back pain I'd ever felt. I managed to crawl to the toilet, where I had my 'bloody show,' and I realized that the pain was a contraction. I had no idea just how soon my baby would be born! The hours and hours of horrid back pain was my labor, and I wish I would have been better prepared for it! Ok -- I don't want to scare you about back labor. I just want you to be ready to handle it! Learn more about the signs of possible back labor HERE. The good news is that almost all babies who are sunny-side up (OP position) rotate into a better position during labor before they are born. The trouble is that it takes time and effort on the laboring mom's part. The babies who decide not to turn as still born healthy, they just cause a longer, more exhausting labor for Mama! (and they may be a bit bruised because of how they pass over the pelvic bones.) So what if this happens to you? Well my mama-friend, I have learned a few tricks! Pregnant woman in black pants and black sports bra on birthing ball on white background.

Finding Relief In Back Labor

Move: Walk, rock, dance, sway on an exercise ball -- just move. Moving encourages baby to move. Rebozo: This technique involves a large piece of fabric being wrapped around your belly while you are on all fours. Someone pulls the fabric tight above you, relieving the weight and pain. They can rock your belly side to side to help guide baby into a better position. Ice/Heat: Alternating between the two may bring you some relief. Massage: Have your partner use a tennis ball and apply counter-pressure to your lower back through the contractions. Get Wet: A shower with a removable shower head can help the pain. Have your partner hold the water on your lower back as you rock against the wall. A warm bath may also help soothe the pain. Pelvic Tilts: Drop to your hands and kneed and do the cat/cow yoga stretches. This tends to tell baby to turn around! Sitting Backwards on the Toilet: There is something marvelous about the cold porcelain toilet while in labor. Sitting backwards on the toilet allows gravity to help labor, gives you the tank to hold on to, and it leaves you in good position to be massaged. No matter how your body experiences labor, know that you are strong and capable to bringing your baby into the world. You are a Rockstar!
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