Birth is Beautiful: C-Section Awareness Month

Birth is miraculous. Natural birth may be the way our bodies intended to bring babies earthside, but there are some situations in which that is just not possible. What an amazing world that we live in - one in which medical teams can save both a mother and child by delivering a baby via cesarean section. So many mothers are made to feel ashamed of how their babies entered the world, but I am here to tell you that every mother, every baby, every birth is beautiful. Without further ado, I give you real life, real birth, real C-section photos, and words from mothers who experienced the surgery. cs11 Photo Credit:  Tammy Williams Photography   cs4 'Nothing in the world can lessen the amazing feeling of becoming a mother and as soon as I saw my beautiful baby girl, it didn't matter how she got there. She was perfect and she was mine.'   cs10 I fought hard for 40 hours and still ended up with an emergency c-section; however, that day, I realized how strong I truly am. I came into my full power.  The birth experience I got wasn't the one I wanted, it was the one I needed--to make me, break me, grow me, and empower me. My birth was everything I wanted to avoid, but apparently it was everything I needed. cs6 My doctor reassured me that this was what was best for me and baby-- life saving for me and Joey and Jacey - All I cared about was hearing that first cry once they were out of my belly and knew I could breathe a little sigh of relief! cs1 From my doctor, right before surgery... 'you are a good mother, you are doing the best and safest thing for your daughter and it is my honor to be able to help you bring her into this world '....and then she kissed my forehead. cs9 Happiness is seeing who was growing within you for the past 9 months.   CS You can still have a wonderful experience while having a cesarean section. Drapes can be lowered, music can be played, and a baby can still be brought directly to your chest. Understanding that you can still be in control of the birth can help you make peace with it. cs2 You become a mother the moment your child is born. Tears are shed, families are created, and hearts grow.   cs3 There is no mommy-war about birth because a baby's first cry is all that matters. His first breath of air and first kiss from mommy. There is no competition, only love.   cs5 This is my proudest moment. I am proud of myself for growing this baby, and I am proud of myself for bringing her into the world in the safest, although unplanned, way possible.   cs7 "Cut me open. I love my baby so much that I will doing anything to get her out alive." - This is bravery. This is courage. To sacrifice and risk one's self to save the life of her child... This is motherhood.   cs8 During my first pregnancy I was in the Midwife program; however, my pregnancy did not go as planned and I had emergency c-section at 29 weeks that saved the life of myself and my son, Logan. Within 5 hours of not feeling well and my body shutting down our son was born and my perspective was forever changed. A c-section was the absolute last thing I wanted; however, it was a life-saving measure that needed to be conducted. I am forever grateful for the doctors and nurses who delivered all 3 of our babies by c-section- 1 emergency and 2 planned.
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