Breastfeeding at a Holiday Party: What to Wear

Breastfeeding in holiday attire can present quite a challenge.  As a mom, your day to day outfits typically allow for easy access to the milk makers, but when it comes time to find the perfect party look, nothing seems to work. My husband and I are heading out of town for a few days this holiday season; his company holds a large convention and throws two unbelievable events for us to attend. I’m talking trapeze artists performing above us during cocktail hour – that kind of unbelievable.  There are hundreds of guests, and the expected attire is definitely not yoga pants and a nursing top.  My youngest is only going to be 10 months old, and in no way do we leave our babies that young.  He’ll be flying with us and I’ll be wearing him in a beautiful ring sling to the events.  Don’t you point a finger at me for bringing a baby – we asked first and were greeted with welcome arms to bring him with us!  (LOVE a good family company.) I’m hoping that my little one will be fine nursing prior to the events, and sharing bites of my food throughout the evening, then nursing afterward, but I need to be wearing something that I can nurse him in.  I started looking through my closet and realized that, unless I wanted to unzip and strip down in a bathroom to breastfeed, I would need to go shopping.  Then I realized that I am probably not alone in this struggle! File May 21, 1 50 14 PM It doesn’t matter if your holiday party is a small gathering or a large work function, you want to be able to tend to your baby comfortably.  So what do you wear? You want to look jaw-dropping good because everyone expects you to look all “Mommy-like.”  Girl, you want to be able to feel gorgeous and still be able to nurse your baby without stressing out. I’ve got you covered.  These are a few ideas you can use as inspiration to find the perfect outfit for you.  But you have to keep in mind that everyone’s postpartum body is different, and you want to find figure flattering items that make you feel confident. What I’ll Be Wearing: A black lace skirt and creamy white, tight, neck-high laced long sleeved top with a camisole underneath – and killer shoes.  This means that, while babywearing, I’ll probably be standing still or sitting 95% of the evening – or I’ll make my husband wear the baby! Pieces that look similar to these:   dress dress1     I will be able to pull the lace top up and let the camisole cover my mid-section.  I can also use my ring sling’s tail to help cover-up if I feel the need. I highly recommend looking for a beautiful skirt and top. Not only will it be easy to breastfeed in, but you can mix-and-match the pieces later.   My second look will be a strapless cocktail dress and booties.   Strapless is always easy for me to nurse – but I have to be careful not to appear naked from across the table, so I will utilize my sling to cover a bit. similar to this  dress2  


While scouring the internet, I came across a few great ideas that I want to share with you. 

  • You must have a great bra on.  No double boob, side-boob, uni-boobs allowed.  This is important in any outfit that you choose!
  • Layers are friends. You can use a layer to cover anything you want to keep hidden.
  • Buttons and zippers can be quite friendly as well!  Just make sure that the fit is flattering and the look is appropriate for the party you are attending.
  • A long-legged, strapless jumper plays out just as the strapless dress does- easy to nurse and elegantly stylish.
  •  Wrap dresses can be flattering.  A cross-bodice piece allows easy access to breastfeed without revealing too much skin.
  • A low-neckline top or dress in a fabric that allows you to pull a breast out without harming the elasticity of the piece is a perfect go-to.  (You may want a blanket to cover if you are around non-friends.)
There are several wonderful nursing items that you could invest in, especially if you are not done having babies: A Nursing Cardigan IMG_6485 Nursing Wrap Dress dress3 Scoop Neck Dress dress4 High-Waisted Dress dress5   My favorite part of bringing my baby with me to events is that it is an instant conversation starter.  Wearing your baby in a beautiful carrier will keep strangers from touching and holding her; not to mention, she will be your best accessory![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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