Creative Party Ideas for Baby's First Birthday

A baby's first trip around the sun is something to celebrate! There are so many amazing ideas out there - thank you Pinterest for putting them all together for us.

I seem to have a few very creative (and crafty friends) who threw some jaw-dropping birthday parties over the last few years.  Just in case, pinterest wasn't a deep enough black hole, I'm throwing these ideas at you too! ha.  A few of them can be embellished with so much more; for those, I am only including a few pictures of the items I thought were really original!

Enjoy - and congratulations on celebrating a year with your little one!


A Whale of a Party

party1party2 party3 party5   party6  

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


party9 Etsy     party10 Etsy    

Where The Wild Things Are

party12   party13   partyy1   partyy2 partyy3

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Cookie Monster

party31 party32 party33    


party16   party17   party18  

Elegant Garden Party


The Three Little Pigs

party21 party22  

Sophisticated Camo


Sock Monkey Party

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