Easy-To-Make Summer Snacks for the Pregnant Mom

The heat is rising and so are grocery prices! I am basically scraping my jaw off the floor as I quietly insert my debit card and cry when I look at the balance later. This process is repeated week after week, and as my baby bump grows, so do my cravings. We finally had to sit down and really talk budget because this pregnancy was being spent standing in grocery store lines. I could have argued that standing in line in the air conditioning was better than the unbearable heat outside! But instead, I agreed to get us back in track with our meal planning, and find the healthiest (and most filling) snacks to tide me over in between meals. Expecting baby #5 means that there are quite a few other mouths to feed around the clock here. I was on the hunt for high protein, easy-to-make snacks that would work for me and the little ones. The thing with pregnancy is that you have a limited time to provide the healthiest environment for your growing baby as possible. Following a proven diet recommendation, such as the Brewer's Pregnancy Diet helps to keep you on track - ensuring that you consume at least 80 grams of protein a day, lots of healthy fats, limited sugar, and less than limited processed items. But it can get expensive - or exhausting to make every.single.thing. So here's my 'Summer Snacks For Pregnancy Plan' - SSPP for short (ha!) After trying out about a dozen recipes, these made the cut. Almost all of the kids enjoy them, and I plan to have a few on hand each week to make sure there are healthy snacks for all. Most can be made in bulk and stored, making these snacks even better!   snacks1 The Amazing Green Superfood Popsicles (Found HERE) We used our favorite smoothie recipe with probiotics, goat milk, mango, berries, and pineapple - tossed in a few of the superfoods and greens (chia seeds and spinach) and froze in popsicle molds. It's cheaper than buying the organic, probiotic filled whole-food popsicles at the store, that's for sure!   snacks Peanut Butter Protein Balls (Found HERE) Oats, honey, vanilla, peanut butter, (optional) coconut, and chocolate chips all rolled into an easy-to-make, no-bake, protein-packed snack. These energy balls have become popular in the last few years of gluten-free living. The kids think they are getting a chocolate treat, and I know that everyone will be full longer than 10 minutes - everyone including me!   snacks2 Protein Granola Bars (Found HERE) Granola bars full of oats, dates (HELLO! These are known to speed labor up), seeds, nuts, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. (Yes, I'm aware there is no chocolate in this recipe, but what kind of granola car doesn't have a bit of chocolate? So, we added a handful! - we doubled the oats and skipped the coconuts...  picky kids, what can I say?)   snacks3 Black Bean Salsa (Found HERE) You can substitute things in and out of this recipe to make it your own. We add in organic edamame and limit the corn. I make a larger batch with hot sauce and jalapenos for myself, and a smaller batch without for the kids.   snacks4 Hummus Wraps (Found HERE) Hummus is a great way to pack in the protein! You can take this recipe and do whatever you want with it. We love to load the lettuce with hummus and top with anything from strawberries and shaved almonds to chicken and black beans. It's so good, we make it a meal!
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