Family Fun On A Budget - While Pregnant in the Summer

Don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to sit around and miss out on a summer of fun with your family! It’s too easy to get caught sitting on your rear instead of partaking in the adventure and sun that is summer. Whether you are in your 1st, 2nd, or (like me) 3rd trimester this summer, grab the family, check the bank account, and start having some fun. I don’t have much of a choice over here, this is baby #5 and my other kids won’t let me sit down. So here I share everything we have done so far, or plan to complete to make this summer one for the books! When planning a budget-friendly adventure, keep in mind the ages of your other children. Ours span from 7 years down to 15 months old, so adjusting activities is a must for us. Also remember what YOU love doing. The greatest days are spent bonding over a shared hobby!  

15 Budget-Friendly Things To Do As A Family This Summer (While Pregnant)

Don’t forget the sunscreen

#1 Join a Pool

WATER. Water and pregnancy are best friends. Float, swim, exercise, get some vitamin D, splash with the kids, or just read a magazine while wearing a wide-brimmed hat. This activity won’t be free unless you have a neighborhood pool, but it is well worth the investment. A pool is a great place to meet other moms, other kids, and spend the entire summer relaxing. pregnant mother relax by the pool while kids play with water, family vacation  

#2 Camping

This one may not be high on every pregnant mother’s to-do list, but it is cheap, fun, and can be done without sleeping on the ground. You can use high-quality air mattresses, a family-sized tent with a separate area for the kids to sleep, and set up near a restroom and water area for convenience. You could also rent a cabin within a state park and skip the tent setup altogether. Camping in forest with tent light and bonfire in Banff National Park

#3 Biking

Find a trail or stay on the neighborhood sidewalks. Using a pull-behind bike trailer, a toddler seat, a balance bike, or a big-kid bike, you can take the family on a fun adventure near home! Happy family is riding bikes outdoors and smiling. Little girl in the foreground

#4 Hiking

Trails can be found anywhere – no hills or mountains are needed (especially when pregnant). Bring plenty of water (and snacks), and make sure you are not hiking in the hottest hours. Maybe you can even find a fresh water creek or waterfall to dip your feet in! Group of kids in forest walking over log

#5 Museum

Look up a local children’s museum and get a family pass. It is always cheaper to do a membership if you think you will come back. The plus side here is AIR CONDITIONING! famfun5

#6 Zoo

A zoo is a luxury that most cities don’t have, but if there is one within driving distance, go for the day. All kids love animals, and you’ll get your exercise in walking the grounds. famfun4

#7 Science Experiments

There are plenty of kits you can purchase, but you don’t need to! Make a batch of slime or a homemade volcano together. famfun7

#8 Bubbles in the Backyard

Bubbles don’t get enough street credit these days. There are ridiculously cool bubble products out there you can buy (or create yourself). There are homemade bubble solutions too. We splurge on the large bottles of bubbles and a bubble machine that blasts bubbles non-stop! That way, my job is to just play, or sit and cheer the bubble poppers on. famfun6

#9 Backyard Sports

An old-fashioned family game of kickball, T-ball, or soccer is a great way to spend an afternoon. It’s even better if the BBQ grill is light and food is involved afterward. famfun8  

#10 Slip-n-Slide and Sprinklers

Why are these not a staple in neighborhoods anymore? It’s as if our society became too good to slip-n-slide! Grab a bottle of dish soap and squirt that thing down before turning the hose on it. I promise you’ll be laughing and sliding all day long. Boy splashing into water at end of slip-n-slide

#11 $1 Movie Days

Most movie theaters offer a summer special one day a week. Normally it’s a child movie and it’s only $1! Throw some popcorn in and you have a great day! Two preschool children, twin brothers, watching movie in the cinema, eating popcorn

#12 Tie-Dye Something (for the baby too!)

Tie-dye is messy – and AWESOME. Everyone will need a bath afterward, but you’ll have family shirts that will remind you of this moment forever! This is a color image of a young girl in a tie dyed T shirt she is smiling and hanging on a fence in her backyard.

#13 Picnic at a Splash Pad

Splash pads are popping up everywhere. They are a free way to get wet. Pack a lunch and some water toys for a fun afternoon. Baby girl looking over her shoulder towards the camera while Dad and older sister are playing in the water at the splash park.

#14 Fishing

I enjoy a good book while my husband and kids fish, but you may want to toss a line in the water too! people camping and fishing, family active in nature, fish caught on bait, river and forest, summer season

#15 Road Trip

If you can save a bit, take a great road trip this summer. If you can splurge on a resort, go for it, if not rent a cabin at a state park and soak in the technology-free environment! happy little boy and toddler girl travel by car  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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