Hidden Danger: Children Burned By Garden Hose

Hidden Danger: Children Burned By Garden Hose

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.  You would NEVER let your child play with boiling water. What about water that has hit 120 degrees?  Scary to even think about right? Did you know that your garden hose poses a danger of burning you, your child, and your pet?  That’s right.  During the heat of the summer, the garden hose acts as an insulating boiler to any water it is holding.  Researchers have found this water to reach over 120 degrees Celsius when a hose is left in the sun for just two hours. You know what is scary?  I leave my kids’ sprinkler hooked up to the hose from one use to the next.  That means that throughout the day, the leftover water within that hose and sprinkler is heating hotter and hotter.  If my kids are touched by this water, we will be calling 911.  Summer months lead to a 25% increase in Emergency Room visits, of which is an increase in injured children from trampolines, bicycles, and burns.  Baby plays with leaking garden hose. Young boy plays with the water dripping from a leaking garden hose. Backyard photo. He's wearing a red and white stiped bathing suit is very intent on grabbing the water. Focus is on the dripping water. Short DOF. Just this week, an Arizona mom learned how dangerous the sitting hose water can be in the heat. Dominique Woodger decided to fill up a baby pool for her 9-month-old son to play in on a hot afternoon.  There was a sprinkler head attached to the nozzle, and once the water was turned on, the little boy was sprayed by the sprinkler.  Within moments, he was screaming in pain.  He received second degree burns and blisters on half his body.   (Read the STORY) I know it is hot outside, and that you are in search of every water-based play activity possible to entertain your child, but be cautious to run the hose for a few minutes before letting anyone near the running water. File May 21, 1 50 14 PM   The best safety advice is to unhook the hose after use and drain it before putting it away in a shaded area. PLEASE- Do not throw the hose into an inflatable baby pool or water table and turn it on.  Your child may sustain severe burns while playing with this water.   Young Girl playing in the backyard with a water hose

 Treating a burn:

NEVER put ice on a burn. If the burn area is small enough, run cool water over it for 15 minutes before seeking medical help. Head to the ER or call 911.
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