How To Stay Positive During Pregnancy

Whether you have experienced loss before or are just nervous and anxious about your pregnancy, affirmations can be a great tool to use to help guide your mind into a positive place. Many women who choose to birth naturally create affirmation banners to hang where they hope to give birth.  But the truth is that affirmations can be used by any mother – not just one who is birthing at home.  After experiencing a miscarriage, my next pregnancy had me on a rollercoaster of emotions.  I was terrified to jinx anything, but was afraid to even tell anyone I was pregnant.  A dear friend introduced me to pregnancy affirmations, and I loved the idea so much that I printed some out and hung them around the house to see throughout the day.  I believe that by reading and saying these things silently and out loud, my mind shifted into a more positive place – a place in which I could better bond with my pregnancy.  I highly recommend these affirmations to any mother who may be experiencing mixed emotions with their pregnancy. You can find many more affirmations online, or you can create your own, but these are the ones that spoke to me during my last pregnancy: pg pg1 pg2 pg3 pg4 pg5 pg6 pg7 pg8       I also printed a few gorgeous (and inspiring) pregnancy pictures to help me remember how beautiful pregnancy is: pg9   pg10   pg11 Source   From one mother to another, I wish you a pregnancy full of peace, excitement and love. Remember that you are allowed to be weak, but deep down know that you are strong.
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