International Bath Day: Cute Tots in the Tub!

Who knew there was an International Bath Day? Not I! But I guess I needed a reason to throw my four into the tub! Those dirty feet need a scrub... For some reason, babies and toddlers in the tub are ridiculously cute. Maybe it's the bubbles, or the giggles, or the fresh clean smell - or just the splashing fun, but bath time is normally fun for both parent and child! In honor of this ridiculously labeled day, here at My Baby's Heartbeat Bear, we have gathered our fans' sweet bath time pictures to share with the masses! Head over to our social media pages and share your favorite bath picture with us! bathtub bathtub2 bathtub3 bathtub4 bathtub5 bathtub6 bathtub7 bathtub8 bathtub9 bathtub10 bathtub11 bathtub12 bathtub13 bathtub14 bathtub15 bathtub16 bathtub17 bathtub18 bathtub19 bathtub21 bathtub23
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