Making a Splash: Meet Susan the Octopus

Eight long tentacles and a smile that can brighten any room, Susan the Octopus is a fun loving animal of the ocean!  She can make friends with any passing squid, and is always ready for a celebration. Spending her days sun-bathing near the top of the water, Susan enjoys watching the families on the beach in front of her.  She often likes to swim just close enough to feel their presence, but not so close that she scares them. Susan has a secret: she longs for her own family to build sandcastles with. One day, Susan was relaxing in the waves and enjoying a brunch with her fish friends as she heard something from the beach ahead.  A panicked yelling from what Susan knew had to be a mother.  She could not find her small child anywhere, and the lifeguards were beginning to search the waters.  Susan knew she could help.  She dropped her prawns and went completely still.  She tried to tune everything else out and listened for a sign of the child.  In the distance, Susan heard a faint “Mama” cry, but more intensely she heard a pounding heartbeat. She sprung into action. There were children and swimmers everywhere, but Susan quickly found the missing child behind them all.  A small boy with green floaties had drifted passed the sightline from the beach. He was scared and not able to swim himself to the shore. Susan wrapped her tentacles around him and brought him toward the beach where his mother was waiting.  Everyone watched in awe, as the toddler was clapping and laughing as he was safely carried by Susan.  The cheers began and it turned into a full celebration as the boy made it to shore to hug his mother. Susan almost swam away, but was pulled into the excitement and could not drift back from the happiness.  She threw her tentacles in the air and waved them around, showing her joy for all to see.  She twirled and splashed, spreading the cheer into a full on party!  The young boy ran back and hugged her, pulling her to the ocean’s edge and inviting her to build a sandcastle with him.  His mother watched and smiled, as she knew that Susan would always be a part of their family. JLT_3184 Celebrate the life you are carrying by bringing Susan with you to your next prenatal appointment. Record your baby's heartbeat and store it within the soft, adorable stuffed octopus.  She will complement the nursery and hold a special place in your heart, hearing your baby’s heartbeat every time you hug her.
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