Rainbow Themed Baby Gifts and Must Haves

Rainbow Themed Baby Gifts and Must Haves

Every baby deserves the world, but when there’s a rainbow baby making its appearance, you know it’s extra special. A rainbow baby is the term used for a baby conceived after a loss. Trust me when I say, a mother who has lost a pregnancy will never see a rainbow the same way again. Every rainbow is a miracle and a sign that there can be peace after a storm, even though they will always miss the child they never held. Needless to say, a rainbow baby deserves ALL.THE.RAINBOWS. Whether you are the gorgeous mama having the baby, and you are in search of everything to make you happy, or you are someone who loves a mama having this baby, you will love all of these great ideas.

Rainbow Baby Must Haves


Rainbow Ultrasound Card

These cards are a wonderful way to share the news with extended family. It builds a connection no matter the distance. rn Rainbow Keepsake Kit Recording this baby’s heartbeat will bring more comfort than others can understand. Being able to hold that heartbeat throughout pregnancy strengthens the bond between mom and baby and helps the entire family get excited ! rainbowkit Rainbow Blanket Baby blankets are always great, but a rainbow blanket will have a special meaning. rb Rainbow Month Stickers Monthly pictures are a great way to document the baby’s first year. rb Paint a Footprint Keepsake A baby book with a footprint page or a frame that displays the print will provide a great experience once the baby arrives. By including small paints in the color of the rainbow, a beautiful piece of art will always make them smile.  (image credit: Earth Side Photography) fp Rainbow Teether Just a simple item, but it will be a great reminder of this rainbow baby during all the long days of teething. rb
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