Summer Heat and Pregnancy

The temperatures across the country have yet to make up their mind about this year’s transition to summer, and while some areas are still clinging to cooler weather, some of us are already sweating through our underwear. If the three-digit temperatures here are any indication on what the weather gods have planned for the next four months, we all may melt. I know I am not the only mama cooking up a baby right now, and I certainly am not the only one due in the first week of September. With 2 other August babies already, this summer-pregnancy thing seems to be my fate. I guess it’s time to share my keep-cool pregnancy secrets… This is baby #5, so there is no way I can spend every day in the air conditioning. We are a pool family, and live for the outdoors. I would simply lose my mind inside all summer, not to mention that wonderful Vitamin D we are soaking up all season long! Alas, I am hot, tired, gaining weight, not sleeping well, and not pregnant in my 20’s anymore. My list of complaints is not exactly short anymore, but this is our last baby and I will make the most out of every moment this summer gives to me.

So, fellow preggo mamas, here’s how you can beat the heat and survive this summer while feeling like a beached whale.



One of the most important things you can do while pregnant  (and with life in general) is to stay properly hydrated. Pregnancy naturally raises the body temperature, and hydration will cool you from the inside out. You can drink it at room temperature or with ice, infused or carbonated. Carry a large insulated bottle with you at all times to decrease the chance of dehydration.


Add ice to any drink that is not water. Ice melts and becomes water, so you will get that little extra water intake without realizing it. Ice is also wonderful to suck on! preg


A cold compress can do wonders for the pregnant body. I have no shame, I’ll go ahead and tell you that it feels amazing on the swollen labia of late pregnancy.

PORTABLE FANS (with misting option)

You can buy one almost anywhere, and it will help regulate your body temperature on a hot day. preg2


This may sound like a fashion statement, but it serves the purpose of keeping the direct sun off of your face and shoulders. Always seek out a shaded area when possible.


Submerge yourself whenever possible. This takes the weight off of your joints, alleviates pains, and cools you off.


Never underestimate the power of a shower. Invest in a Bluetooth speaker and let the music play while you sit under the cascading waterfall of cool water.


Stick with minimal clothing, light in weight and colors. No one cares if you are dressed to the nines. preg1


Just like water, cooler foods will keep you cool from the inside out. Think of smoothies, popsicles, cold fruits, salads, etc. to keep you full throughout the next few months.


You do not have to do it all. If you have a chance to just stay home in the air conditioning, take it!


No one knows you like YOU. If you feel dizzy, nauseated, swollen, or off in way, contact your birth team for advice and support. Always head inside and rehydrate at the first sign of any weird feelings. preg4
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