The Best Fall Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

I'm not exactly sure where this year is disappearing to, but it's flying by quickly. Pumpkin spice is out in full force and the holidays are rounding the corner. It's an exciting time full of happiness and cheer. It's also about time that our social media pages start filling up with pregnancy announcements! Most who conceived over the past few months are ready to shout their news from the roof tops... Are you one of them? Announcing a pregnancy is so much fun! There's so much more to it than just telling people now; most use a picture or video to share the news. In this social media world that we are consumed with, a video or picture is captured in the time capsule of the internet -- so figuring out exactly how you want to share your news can be overwhelming. Pinterest is a great help, but before you collect 300 pins worth of ideas, narrow it down by selecting from the following first:
  • Picture with you and the family in it.
  • Picture without people.
  • Video.
Once you have narrowed that down, it gets a bit more challenging! There are 5 great categories for fall pregnancy announcements:  (photos are all from pinterest and are meant for inspiration!)


Pumpkin Patches, Pumpkin Carvings, and Just Plain Pumpkins falla1 falla2

Fall Setting

Picnic Picture Surrounded by Fall Foliage falla


Nothing Says Fall Like Falling Leaves falla8 falla4


Spooky, Funny, or Sweet; Halloween Announcements are Always a Treat! falla10 falla7   falla9


Eating for Two, Pumpkin Pies, Giving Thanks, or Denying the Wine falla6 Each of these is a beautiful way to capture the season. If you are looking for that extra special way to share, include a My Baby's Heartbeat Bear. You can record your baby's heartbeat at your next appointment and use the beautiful stuffed animal in an announcement video. If you are looking for a picture option, utilizing the special animal in your photo then transitions you into using it for monthly pictures after baby has arrived! bunnyfall No matter how you choose to share your news, make sure that you are supported, happy, and feeling loved as you do so!
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