The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Mom, Baby and Family

BOO!  Time for the best (and easiest) Halloween Costumes for Moms, Babies, and Families.From baby Cabbage Patch Kids to Penguins and Where's Waldo,  I have pinned every adorable costume  you can think of! But I am a LAZY.MOM.WHO.DOES.NOT.MAKE.COSTUMES (anymore).  I did that when I had one sweet baby.  Then I had two, and three, four, and now FIVE.  Five costumes? Mother F'er that's expensive.  Half the time, THEY CHANGE THEIR MINDS the night of Halloween and wear something completely ridiculous.  So I am THAT mother.  The one who let's the children pick from the dress-up chest an hour before trick-or-treating begins. That's not fair, I do give my kids a say.  My daughter wants to be a peacock.  Last week it was a flamingo.  The week before was the tooth fairy.  Now it's Wonder Woman.  I overheard her telling her brother she was going to be Princess Jasmin today.  I try to look for clearance costumes throughout the year to keep in the dress-up chest so our Halloween selection is not lacking.  I do have one child who desperately wants to be an astronaut, so I'll make it happen. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to dress my entire family in amazing matching costumes!  It just ain't happening. frog We've been busy here at My Baby's Heartbeat Bear trying to find the best costume ideas for you! Here's what we've found:

Pregnant Mama Costumes

boo29 hal Kangaroo and Koala Moms hal1 Under Construction hal2 Ninja Belly hal3 Troll Time!   boo16  

Babies (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!):

  boo26   boo   boo1   boo3   boo4 boo22 (Rainbow Dash is an easy DIY!!)   boo6   boo14   boo9   boo17   boo18 (SEE!!!! skeleton pj's for the WIN!)   boo28   boo33  

Sibling Costumes:

boo2   boo10   boo11   boo21  

Family (Maybe, someday we'll do this):

boo27   boo20   boo19   boo8 boo12   boo13   boo30 boo5   boo31   boo32         [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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