The Full Moon: Hello Crazy Kids.

The Full Moon: Hello Crazy Kids.

You are not crazy.  Your child is not actually trying to drive you mad right now.  There may actually be an answer as to why everything seems to be ‘off’ today.


You see, we live and move in cycles.  Just like the planet we live on, we too are effected by the moon phases.  Everyone knows the moon affects the tides, but did you know it also plays a part in the weather? The atmosphere is a fluid, similar to the ocean, and so the moon generates gravitational tides there.  They are not as strong as the sun’s pull, but the moon still plays a role in our weather. Is it coincidence that the woman’s cycle averages the same length as the moon’s full cycle? Is it coincidence that more women go into labor during a full moon than not? The human body is about 75 percent water. Is it so far off to think that the moon is creating tides within us? Could you call it a coincidence that the word “LUNATIC” has the root word ‘luna’ in it – meaning moon? A 1978 study claims "the existence of a biological rhythm of human aggression which resonates with the lunar synodic cycle." Hence the craziness that ensues around the full moon. What else does this crater-filled, beautiful, almost magical rock in the sky impact?


Parents, we are not losing our minds – well we might be, due to the full moon today, but our children have a reason to be emotional basket cases right now. As adults, we can handle our emotions and aggression (most of us can anyway).  We understand our bodies and can throw away a crappy day with the empty ice-cream carton. But our babies? Our children? Our teens? They have not yet developed this ability. I write to you today while nursing my overly-cranky 6 month old (who needs to poop) and listening to the meltdowns of a 4 and 2 year old whose big sister is dressed as a butterfly and is dancing to the music in her head (she is very connected to the earth).   This is not a normal day here (Well, fairy dancing is).  It started yesterday, the day before the full moon and personalities continued to shift into the evening.  Today, the ‘Lunar Effect’ is in full swing. On days like these, I pour a cup of tea, strap the baby on my chest, pull the kids outside to get dirty, sweaty, and tired – and then follow it all with delicious meals and music.  I basically hold on until the ride is over, without running away.

What to be Prepared For on a Full Moon

Less Sleep

Swiss researchers collected sleep data from 33 people and compared it to the phases of the moon. They found that in the four days before and after a full moon, participants took 5 minutes longer to fall asleep, slept 20 minutes less overall, and had 30% less deep sleep. They also had lower levels of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. In March of 2016, a study was published with 5,800 children age 9 to 11 in 12 different countries, that found they slept about 5 minutes less on nights with a full moon.  This could be due to lack of deep sleep during the full moon.

Emotional Rollercoaster

While science has not directly linked emotions to the moon phases, it is not wrong to link the two based on experiences alone. Your child may seem to have several personalities today with little to no time between them.  They may tantrum or cry over something that would not normally affect them.  There’s no formula, and every child is different, so be prepared for an extreme version of your child.

Constant Eating

My kids seem to be bottomless pits when the full moon is out.

Belly Aches and Growing Pains

I believe this has everything to do with the ‘tides’ within our bodies.

Poor Decision Making

The brain seems to almost be in a fog today, and kids will act without knowing why.

How to Help Your Kids During the Full Moon

LOVE THEM THROUGH IT. Try not to lose your cool. Take the chance to explain to your child(ren) that sometimes we have hard, cranky days and don’t know why. Babywear to save your sanity. Increase healthy fat consumption and stay away from inflammatory foods. Consider using Rescue Remedy or flower essence in everyone’s water to help stabilize emotions. Diffuse essential oils. Use a magnesium rub or take an Epsom bath. Turn the TV off, as research shows screen time can increase emotional instability and aggression. Get plenty of exercise. Take a nap: the entire week around a full moon throws sleep patterns off, napping can help keep everyone calm. Increase your coffee or tea intake to meet the demands of the lunar effect. Drink Wine. Lots of Wine.  

Good Luck Today – and May the Tides be in Your Favor.

    Resources: Leiber, A.L. Human aggression and the lunar synodic cycle. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. 1978. May 39(5): 385-92).
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