The Most Uncommom & Unusual Baby Names for Boys and Girls in 2017

In a society of made-up random baby names it is time to revisit some of the greatest, vintage-inspired, uncommon names. As I'm pregnant with baby #5 (Yes, I know what causes this), I have been scouring the sites and coming up blank.  A few months ago I started a running list of the greatest names overheard at playgrounds, in play groups, and within friend circles. While my absolute top girl name was not included (Come on, you know you've got to keep it secret when you find the right one - jury is still out on a boy name), I've listed the top 10 baby names for each gender.

Adorable ten month old baby boy.

Boy Names

Wayland:  Meaning the land beside the road.  We love that it is meant for a journey-seeker, traveler, wanderer, or someone who will walk the beaten path. Duke: A royal name meant to be carried by someone strong.  There is no way that a tot named Duke won’t rule the playground. Felix: Meaning ‘lucky,’ this name will bring happiness to any family. Hank: Another strong name meaning ‘ruler.’  This common nickname needs to turn into a true first name. Drake: Meaning ‘dragon,’ Drake is the new cool kid name. Lyle: Meaning ‘islander,’  a Lyle is destined to love the water and laid back lifestyle of island-living. Wilder: From the wilderness, Wilder will help us reduce carbon foot prints and protect what’s left of our earth. Benji: The ‘right-hand-son,’ Bennji, makes for a great father-son relationship! Tate: Oh a name that means happiness! How much better can you get? Ollie: The peacemaker, Ollie will calm down the craziness within any home.   10 month old baby girl crawling through lupine flowers.

 Girl Names

Indie: Meaning a beautiful soul, this name is cool beyond words. Merritt: “Little Famous One.”  Merritt is destined for stardom. Vera: Meaning faithful, loyal and true, Vera is about to make a vintage-style comeback. Alice: Meaning ‘noble,’ Alice is another sweet name that is due to be cycled back around. Felicity: Happy! Again, a name meaning pure happiness cannot make you sad. Lula: A brave warrior, Lula may take over the world.  And isn’t it about time a girl did that? Matilda: Another name meaning “Mighty Battler.”  It’s time for these girls to take over! Ruby: A precious stone. Ruby is a name that will stay off the top 10, but will be climbing the charts. Florence: Meaning ‘Prosperous.’  This is another vintage name worth considering. Pearl: Meaning precious, the name Pearl is classic, sweet, and hard to forget.
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