The Ultimate Nesting To-Do List

Nesting tends to set in at the end of pregnancy. It begins once all of the important things are already done, such as: hospital tours, birth team selection, registries, and baby showers. The urge to nest typically becomes stronger and stronger the closer you get to labor. If you are anything like me, TYPE A, then once those instincts kick in, there's no stopping you until you are holding a baby! I birth at home, so I am constantly deep cleaning my tub, bedroom, and anywhere I think I may have the baby. But even if you aren't planning a homebirth, you are probably craving a ridiculously clean house. (I'm talking about any falling crumbs may make you cry, kind of clean.) cleaning products and safety while pregnant

The Nesting Basics

  • Write Birth Plan
  • Pack Birth Bag
  • Make a Phone List for Who to Call/Text (in labor or after baby arrives)
  • Scrub the House - Start at the top in each room and work your way to the floors. This means fans, cabinets, shelves, and windows are done first, followed by walls, mirrors, counters, sinks, toilets, furniture, etc. Then you tackle the baseboards and floors.
  • Clean Under Couches and Cushions
  • Tackle that Minivan - Your car will never be the same after kids (trust me). Either pay to have it detailed one last time or do the work yourself, but get it clean.
  • Install Car Seat
  • Have Car Seat Checked for Proper Installation
  • Organize Baby Room
  • Read a Labor Book
  • Organize All Closets
  • Wash Baby Clothes
  • Wash Sheets Weekly (so they are clean when you get in them after having baby)
  • Record Baby's Heartbeat
  • Write Thank-You Cards for Gifts
  • Buy Labor Snacks
  • Tackle ALL Laundry
  • Finish Any Lingering House Projects
  • Stock Up on Baby Essentials
  • Make a Trip to Goodwill
  • Tie Up Loose Ends at Work (if any)
  • Keep Car Full of Gas
wooden Box with set of things for newborn

Additional Nesting Items

  • Order Anything Left in Amazon Cart for Baby
  • Download a Contraction Timer App
  • Shampoo Carpets
  • Clean Out the Refrigerator
  • Make 30 Freezer Meals
  • Clean Out Appliances: vacuum, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher
  • Change Air Filters
  • Wash Curtains
  • Toss Expired Medications/Spices/Foods
  • Buy Paper/Plastic Goods to Save Sanity (plates, bowls, cups, napkins, silverware, etc)
  • Make a Playlist for Birth
  • Look at Birth Announcement Ideas
  • Buy a Gift for Birth Team
  • Make Padsicles
  • Set Up Baby Baskets Around the House (with diapers, wipes, changing mat, and onesies)
  • Read About Newborn Care
  • Order a Few Good Books to Read While Breastfeeding
  • Clean Out Your Outdated Makeup
  • Set Up Newborn Pictures
  • Make a Meal List of Everything in the House for Your Partner to Easily Understand
  • Potty Train any Toddlers (or not)
  • Get a Pedicure
  • Have Sex
A group of little Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies napping with their mother in nesting location

For the Crazy Extreme Nesters: (please don't let nesting take you this far)

  • Redecorate the Entire House
  • Install Closet Organizers in Every Closet
  • Repaint the Entire House - Inside and Outside
  • Pull Everything Out and Start from Scratch (That means, food, clothes, pictures on walls, etc)
  • Plan Out Visitors for the Next Year
  • Buy a Puppy and Train It so Baby has an Instant Best Friend
  Enjoy this last big burst of energy before your baby arrives! Your house won't ever be this clean and organized again!
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