Top 5 Gifts Moms Won't Buy For Themselves

This article brought to you by mothers everywhere. Partners, open your ears (and wallets) as you read it, and take note. Mother’s Day is here, as in HERE here. It’s not time to come up with some elaborate handmade item that will sit on a bookshelf. It’s time to pull out the big guns. When a mother is still in the trenches of motherhood, surrounded by young children, toddlers, and poop-filled diapers, Mother’s Day becomes ‘just another day.’ We say we want the day off, but all that equates to is double (or triple) the work on Monday. We smile at flowers, breakfast in bed, handmade cards, and nice meals, but the truth is that there are other things we could get excited over. I mean, don’t skip the handmade love notes and delicious food, but don’t let us talk you out of getting us something awesome. Most partners (and grown children) stick with the basics on Mother’s Day. There’s delivered flowers, brunch, and simple gift. There’s nothing wrong with this tradition, but I’m here to inspire you to go deeper! Wow a mom this weekend. Mom’s hate spending money on themselves (but have you seen our children’s closets?). We are basically insane. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be spoiled. If you are reading this then you are a last minute Mother’s Day shopper, and you are probably stuck on what to get. Look no farther because here are the absolute TOP 5 GIFTS FOR MOM that she would never ask for herself: Did I mention that you can purchase all of these before Mother’s Day? Some may be used in the future a bit, but the excitement will still be the same!

#1 Professional Photo Shoot With the Kids

When was the last time she was in front of the camera? Here Facebook page may be filled with current pictures, but none are of her. A photo shoot can get expensive, but there are packages and photographers who will work within your budget. The tangible memories will stay close to her heart forever. You cannot go wrong with this gift! md2md3md4md14

#2 A FULL Day at the Spa

I’m not talking about a mani/pedi. I’m not talking about a Swedish massage. I’m talking about a day of champagne, saunas, mud masks, massages, and any other pampering provided on site. Yes, it’ll cost you, but she’ll come home glowing with thanks! An even better idea is to coordinate the gift with her best friend’s partner so she can really have a great time.

#3 A Piece of Motherhood Jewelry

This does not mean ‘walk into the biggest chain jeweler and purchase the most popular item.’ This takes a bit of thought, and maybe more time than you have – but the order can be placed and a picture of the item can be given inside a card. Mothers posted in droves with pictures of their motherhood-inspired jewelry that they love! I’m hoping my husband reads this and realizes just how awesome some of these ideas are! This mama received a necklace made from her three-year-old's drawing! md15 Stackable name rings! md Breastmilk jewelry can be made by many etsy shops. (Isn't it beautiful!) md12 md1 Bird's nest necklaces are special because they can include hidden eggs to represent any lost pregnancies. md7

#4 A Full Car Detailing by a Professional Service

Have you looked inside that minivan in the last few days? Don’t even bother, just trust me here. There is no way that sucker is actually clean. A mom would never splurge on anything more than the $1.00 vacuum and a drive thru car wash. Let her hop inside of a near-new smelling van again. md19  

#5 A Tattoo

So many of us want a tattoo that represents our babies, but we don’t ever go for it. What’s stopping us? If this is something that has been mentioned at any point, think about just how much fun the day could be if you booked her a session with an awesome tattoo artist?! md18 md16 md10 md8
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