Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Expecting Moms

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Expecting Moms

Spending the holidays pregnant is wonderful in the land of sweets, but when it comes to receiving gifts, most people gift for the baby-to-be instead of to the mom who is currently pregnant! If you want to be a great gift-giver to an expecting mom this holiday season, look no further. It can be hard to pick something out for a soon-to-be mom because her figure isn't quite her own at the moment, she's beyond excited about everything baby, and she probably hasn't asked for anything. Instead of finding things that she will be registering for later, scroll through this list of ideas that she will absolutely love!

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Expecting Moms

Gift Basket

bas There are so many great pre-made baskets you can order online now! You can customize them to your heart's content, too. Make sure to include at least one personal favorite so the new mama knows it's not a generic basket. bas1  


bra Did you know that there are stones that can sway your energy and benefit your life - and pregnancy? Well, there are! Consider a pregnancy bracelet and a motherhood bracelet she can wear after the baby arrives. Most of these pieces will be 'charged and energized' by the artist prior to arrival, which means they will be ready to wear! bra1 Coordinate Jewelry is all the rage right now, so think about ordering a necklace or bracelet with the coordinates of her home town, her wedding location, where the two of you met, or the location of where her baby will be born.

Heartbeat Animal

fox7 Giving her the gift to record her baby's heartbeat will bring a huge smile to her face! She can use the stuffed animal to reveal baby's gender too!

Fun Clothes

bod A great shirt that screams "I'm going to be the coolest mom" is a great choice!


A cup sounds like a cheesy gift, but the amount of coffee, tea, water, and wine she will consume from it make it a very thoughtful item! You can get one that will make her laugh about pregnancy or smile at motherhood. mug mug2
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