Top 8 Occasions for a Hearbeat Bear

The sound of a heartbeat is easily recognizable, but yet your own child’s is one that you will forget without realizing that you have forgotten. Pregnancy is magical, hard, intense, and empowering. It is a time that you will remember and forget all in the same moment. There are so many things that you think will stay with you, but are replaced by the latest milestone. Your baby’s heartbeat should not be one of these. My Baby’s Heartbeat Animals are a special gift that can be given on so many occasions. Not only to record a heartbeat, but to record a message or other words to be kept forever.

Top 8 Occasions for a Heartbeat Bear


#1 Celebrate Your Pregnancy

Whether you use the stuffed animal to announce your pregnancy to family and friends, or you just want to celebrate the sound of that tiny heart beating away, a My Baby’s Heartbeat Animals will fit the occasion. Choose an animal to match a nursery theme, a nickname, a family tradition, or your own personality. Capturing your baby’s heartbeat, a song, a poem, your grandmother’s words to the baby, an older siblings tiny voice, all can be kept forever. bear5

#2 Impending Loss

The heartbreak of knowing your baby will not survive is a feeling no one else will ever understand. You will never forget the baby that grew, but having a heartbeat animal will help in times that you need the life to feel real again. Being able to hear the pounding heart in times of sadness and grief, or in times of celebration and joy will reconnect you to the life you will one day see again.  


#3 Pregnancy After Loss – A ‘Rainbow’ Baby

1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage. It is not talked about enough, as so many women feel that these losses should not be recognized by others. This is simply untrue. Every life is a life, no matter how small. A pregnancy after a loss is like a rainbow after a storm; it brings with it hope and joy. A heartbeat animal brings with it a memory of your lost angel but hope of the new blessing. bear10

#4 Gender Reveal

Gender reveal celebrations are trending right now. You can unwrap our gender reveal bears or gift one to the grandparents for a surprise! bear14


#5 Baby Shower Gift

Many women do not think about recording their baby’s heartbeat and miss the opportunity to do so, realizing after birth that they wish they would have! Gifting a heartbeat animal at a baby shower is thoughtful way to help the mother treasure her pregnancy. bear12

#6 Big Sibling Gift

Never to be forgotten, the big sibling(s) should be included! A heartbeat animal can be cuddled by big brother or sister. It can be dressed up, too. You may want to record a message for the baby or have a message recorded from the baby to the older child! The animal will help bond the sibling with the new baby when he arrives.


#7 Take-To-Work

Sometimes you just need a happy break at work. It’s amazing how great hearing that heartbeat can be. Talk about uplifting a hard day!   bear6

#8 Overseas Partner or Far Away Person

If your partner is away from home often, stationed overseas, or working far away, a heartbeat animal is the perfect gift. It can also be given to family that is not close enough to be involved throughout the pregnancy. Holding a stuffed animal with the baby’s heartbeat will let everyone feel a little closer to home. bear1 File May 21, 1 50 14 PM
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