Winter Wear: Maternity Fashion Ideas

Until now, I’ve never had a baby bump in Winter. I’ve been blessed to wear bathing suits, maxi skirts, and tanks for all three of my pregnancies.  But here it is: 37 degrees outside, and I am 24 weeks pregnant. HMMMM…  My plan of wearing the regular sweaters is slowly fading away as they creep higher and higher over the belly.  It’s time to figure this “Baby Due In March” wardrobe out. Bundling up in Winter is already depressing, but adding the pregnancy weight may just make us all feel like roasted marshmallows.  I have a plan to make myself (and you) feel like the young(ish), sexy mama that I am, even if I’ll only be fooling myself – ha! A few things to consider before dropping your entire savings account on maternity fashion wear:
    • Pregnancy does not last forever. Spending a fortune on a few months’ worth of clothing makes ZERO sense in my book… Well, not my book, but you know that crazy popular “Kon Mari” book that everyone is raving about – yes, she would not approve.
    • You will go back to your normal size – As long as you are not eating boxes of Krispy Kreme, staying healthy and only eating for one throughout your pregnancy, the weight gain will not be overwhelming – and the weight loss will happen without much effort. If you are over-indulging, then, yes, you will be wearing larger clothing for a bit longer than you hope, so DROP THE DOUGHNUT and do a push-up.
    • Will you have more children? Even if you plan on more kids, you may not be pregnant in the winter.  So try to find maternity pieces that are more versatile for whatever the season.  Things like tank tops, under shirts, thin long sleeves, leggings, skirts, etc should work well year-round. 
  • Your boobs will NOT go back to normal (at least mine haven’t) – investing in great bras is a must. But wait until baby is here and has been nursing for awhile.  There is a huge difference in sizes between pre-pregnancy boobies, pregnant breasts, engorgement boobs, and nursing “milkies.”  Oh and then there are my boobs over here that have gone through 4 pregnancies (and a 10 week loss) and 69 months of nursing so far.  There is no hope, but a good bra for them at this point. You will need high quality, supportive nursing bras, sports bras, and post breast-feeding bras.  Just save a fortune, because that’s what you’ll spend in this area. Crappy quality will have you hating all of the clothing you buy – a good bra makes every top look great.
  • Dressing in layers is the smartest way to survive Winter. Yes, it is cold. BUT, you have an internal heater, and every place you walk into will be blasting the heat. 
  • You will want post-baby clothes – Save some money to shop for the post-partum period!
I took to the streets (AKA: PINTEREST) and started my research. (All photos were found on pinterest) Best Ideas I have read (or discovered) so far: Leggings: Leggings are a pregnant woman’s best friend.  Solid colored and thick are the best investment.  Do not go dropping money on the maternity style unless you just love that crazy panel thing that goes over the belly.  Leggings are stretchy; I don’t plan to even go up a size unless my body does some crazy changing.   Throw a crazy print in the shopping bag for fun too! B27


  **There’s a law that comes with leggings though: Your Baby Delivery Parts need to be covered.  That means that your sweater or top under layer MUST cover the lady-bits!  It’s awkward enough to see someone not pregnant wearing leggings wrong, but when pregnant, our girl parts swell up (especially at the end of pregnancy – TRUST ME) – so that will not fare well for us in leggings!  Please please please follow this rule!  (HELLO maternity brand tanks to wear under things… budget friendly AND flattering!)**   Faux Leather Leggings:  I just purchased a pair of pleather leggings that make me feel HOT! (not temperature wise) – and my husband completely agrees.  I paired them with a long fitted solid colored cow neck top, long, flowy sweater vest and boots. We had couples over for dinner, and I was complimented the entire night! It felt GREAT!



Skinny cut maternity jeans and cords:



Other Fun Pants: Make sure that they fit well and are flattering, but patterned pants can be fun!


I looked for 2 hours for these… out of stock everywhere. Now I’m a sad, flowerless printed pant pregnant woman.

Solid Colored Long Sleeved Tops:  Classic white, black, burgundy, dark green, blue, etc.   These will pair well with leggings or pants and you can top them with sweaters, vests, cardigans, or just a scarf!



Tunics: Tunics are great because you will wear them after baby arrives.  They don’t have the pinched sides like maternity shirts do, but they have the length you need.



Sweaters: Unless you can find long sweaters, you will be in the maternity section for this one. It’s ok though, pick a few staples and make sure they will fit all the way through until baby arrives.



Cardigans and Vests: I absolutely LOVE that these are so fashion forward right now!  You can take such a boring outfit and jazz it up by throwing on a simple, comfortable, and warm piece! I’d grab an assortment of these for options all season long.  Short, long, faux fur, puffy, patterned, solid – whatever you gravitate toward.





Minus the insane shoe choice, I love it.

Sweater dresses (normally paired with leggings):  Or dresses in general!  Dresses look so nice, and often get complimented on – but yet, they are the simplest outfit to put on.  Grab a few that will allow the bump to grow.


Umm… who is she? I want to live in her closet.


Scarves:  Another easy way to dress up (and stay warm).  Patterns are your friend.


Borrow your husband’s Button Downs (and use a belt): This is on my to-do list.  A nice pair of pants and a men’s button down may just make a cold day warmer.



Cute flat boots – a few pairs, ankle, calf, and knee high preferably.



Ya’ll, this post is going to kill me! I keep wanting to buy everything I’m clicking on.  Pretty sure I just added two new pairs of boots to my online cart and *may* have hit confirm purchase! Boot socks, cuffs, or leg warmers:  How something so simple can make you feel so trendy just amazes me.  I’m new to this trend, but am loving it. B2 Coat:  While I’m avoiding this purchase like the plague (Because $$ on a coat that won’t fit well while not pregnant just isn’t happening), you may want to invest!



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