10 Best Bath Toys For Toddlers & Babies

Depending on what parent you talk to, you will hear a different opinion on bath toys. It’s an overwhelming “We LOVE toys in the bath!” or “Nope. Never. Not a need.” Some families simply hate bath toys. They create clutter, making the process of bathing longer than needed, and leaves the parent with more to clean on a regular basis. But other families seem to collect these items! With kids ranging in ages from almost 8 down to 15 months old, and another on the way, we find ourselves somewhere in the middle at our house. When there was only one toddler, and even when there were two, toys took up more of the tub than the kids did. I also had more free time to clean these toys. As our family grew, my patience with said bath toys did not, and most were trashed without being replaced. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a sucker for a cute, made-from-recycled goods bath toy, especially when I know it will get used by more than one child. I’m always looking for something that will buy me 5 more minutes of pure happiness! All of that said, we have two current favorite bath tub items: a set of rubber penguins and red solo cups. I kid you not, the cups are ridiculously fun, and they get trashed as soon as they break. I love the smaller sizes too! I won’t lie, I’m not a fan of soaking and scrubbing toys… Ain’t no mama got time for that. I just trash things at the first sight of mold. Yes, I’m horrible, but whatever; I’m not judging you either. I polled the social media masses that are the fans of My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear and found that these bath toys are the current top ten favorites!  What say you? Are you on the hunt for some new goods, or do you have a favorite that didn’t make the list?

Top 10 Favorite Bath Toys

#1 Kitchen Items

Anything from your kitchen! Plastic spoons, bowls, whisk, and cups. These are even more fun when bubbles are added to the mix. (Heck, I would throw in some plastic play food too.) Oh… Don’t forget a colander! It’s a waterfall of fun!

#2 Regular Old Toys

That’s right, toys NOT labeled for the bath tub seem to be the most fun for a lot of toddlers out there! Let those My Little Ponies take a dunk in the tub! Just make sure you don’t throw something electronic in…

#3 Stackable Nesting Cups

Easy to clean, multi-purpose, easy to store, and fun!


#4 Plastic or Rubber Animals (without the squeezable water hole)

The key here is to find animals that are NOT labeled for the tub. Those holes meant to squeeze and shoot water create the perfect environment for mold to grow – and fast. Toddlers love putting toys in their mouths, and that means they would be bathing in and possibly sucking on mold. NO THANK YOU.


#5 Green Toys Brand Water Toys

This is a safe and reliable company that moms everywhere seem to love! The tugboat ranked the highest on our poll, but the other options weren’t far behind.


#6 Bath Crayons

I have no opinion on these, as I am not about to scrub my walls after every bath! Ha. But so many other moms do. You all are rockstars and I bow down because these look like fun.


#7 Foam Shapes and Letters

Learning and getting clean at the same time? SURE! My kids just bit these foam things, but apparently many other kids actually play with them! I do like to use them outside of the tub for crafts though.


#8 Bath Pipes

How cool are these! I love that they grow with your child. You will have to set them up for a toddler, but once your little one hits about 3-years-old, he should be able to create a pretty cool path on his own.


#9 Skip Hop Light Up Toys

These will definitely make a toddler smile!

#10 IKEA’s Tub Boat

Stacking cups and a boat in one!


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