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Here at My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, we take Valentine’s Day very seriously. You see, we truly love our heartbeat animals, the people we are surrounded by, our wholesalers and everyone who supports us!  Once you have held and listened to one of our (stuffed) animals with a heartbeat pounding away, you too will fall in love! I wanted to take a moment and write about our heartbeat animals and who we are. You see, I may be the content writer for this company, but the truth is that I love my job more than most would understand.  I was welcomed into a family when I began writing for My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear.  I knew that the product was a great idea, but in reality, I didn’t think much past that.  That is until, I had a miscarriage.  There is this little secret that isn’t shared in our society:  holding life within can be as fleeting as a candle flame.  The beautiful flame can be blown out, leaving a trail of smoke in its wake.  You never think that it will happen to you, and to experience that lingering smoke can cause the heart so much pain.  I realized that I had nothing, nothing, to remember this baby by. I saw My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear in a whole new light after that.  These gorgeous, plush animals are not just a nursery decoration, or another keepsake; they are a way to hold on to a secret.  A secret of a heartbeat that needs to be remembered.  All too often, as parents, we forget just how little our children were when we first meet them.  The tiny kicks felt while they grow within us are replaced by the tantrums and hard moments, the sheer exhaustion that comes with being a parent. It does not take losing a child to make you realize that you need that heartbeat memory.  You need it to be reminded of the life you held, carried, and birthed.  Whether birthed to the heavens above, or to the earth and watched grow into a toddler and child.  That heartbeat becomes a tangible piece of history, a memory and reminder to hear your child, listen, and cherish all the moments. Here I am now with a rainbow baby after my loss, and another (surprise) baby following him.  The moment we found out we were expecting, I had a Heartbeat Animal sent in the mail - several actually.  I then counted the weeks until my first midwife appointment where we would hear the heartbeat.  It was an emotional moment to say the least, especially with our rainbow baby.  Tears of joy were shed.   We now have that moment saved.  A little stuffed fox sat atop his dresser full of tiny cloth diapers and newborn size onesies.  Each time I walked by, I squeezed it just to make my day a bit happier. 81716-02 And then came baby #5, our sweet and final baby. She caught us so far off-guard, that I needed her heartbeat bear to even remember her pregnancy was real.   The Heart and Soul Behind My Heartbeat Bear: fullterm1 Purusha created the original Heartbeat Bear after following her passion for children, which led her on a journey to a career in pregnancy sonograms.  She is a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer with a specialization in OB/GYN.  Over the years she scanned over a thousand mommies, learning just how amazing these moments were for everyone involved.  Deciding to work for a private contractor so that she could give each woman the true sonogram experience they deserved, she soon created the Heartbeat Bear. Having had a set of beautiful twins, Purusha knew just how miraculous it is to hear that tiny beating heart.  Today, she has her 12 year olds and a rambunctious toddler running around! She is surrounded by love at home and at work, having most of her family working by her side, including her wonderful fiancé! File Mar 22, 10 33 35 AM How to Record a Heartbeat Bear (or animal of your choice): It really is easy.  The My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear kit comes with the stuffed animal and a red heartbeat recorder. (A second recorder can be ordered to include a voice message from someone special, like a big sibling or grandparent.) Simply take the recorder to your ultrasound appointment and easily switch it on to capture 20 seconds of baby’s heartbeat. (If you have already recorded the heartbeat on your phone or on a CD, it can be transferred to the heart recorder.) Then, unfasten the Velcro closure on the back of the stuffed animal, insert the recorder into the interior drawstring pouch, knot the pouch, and finally re-fasten the Velcro. To listen to the heartbeat, simply press on the animal. To stop, press again, or simply wait 20 seconds! It's so easy, my children figured it out! (At the ages of 6 and 4!)  So don’t be intimidated. I promise that you will love your heartbeat animal, and in turn love us. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your growing family. 010517-VALENTINES-10-FULL              
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