10 Stocking stuffers Ideas for New Moms & Dads

Whether you are shopping for your husband or wife – or if you are about to be the aunt, uncle, or grandparent – a couple about to become parents can be fun to shop for!  Instead of putting another gift under the tree, think about stuffing their stockings with a few treats that will make them smile. I am not talking about baby items or even parenting items, just thoughtful gifts that will come in handy and be enjoyed throughout the remainder of the pregnancy and into the beginning of parenthood. So grab a sweet stocking and get to stuffing it. 


10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Parents-To-Be

Solving a crossword puzzle with red pencil

#1 Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches:   Pregnancy brain is real.  Include a little note encouraging mom or dad to work out their brain and stay sharp after baby.

High angle shot of Wine and Champagne bottles surrounded by accessories such as corkscrews, stoppers, pourers and corks. Horizontal format on a rustic white wood table.

#2 Champagne: “Don’t pop until you pop!” A nice bottle of bubbles to celebrate the new baby can be shared with friends or enjoyed just by the couple.

Paris, France - November 10, 2015: New Apple TV media streaming player microconsole by Apple Computers and the new touch remote swipe-to-select with integrated Siri and motion sensor leaning on the main box

#3 iTunes Giftcard: Let the parents-to-be enjoy a movie night at home without thinking about the $5 rental fee.  Include some popcorn and a favorite candy. (If they don't have an Apple TV or other, similar SmartTV with iTunes, consider the Apple TV as an awesome gift idea!)

Magazines on the wooden table

#4 Magazine (plus a subscription): There are a lot of nights’ in heading their way; something fun to read is a great option. Look for magazines that follow their interests and hobbies instead of the generic drugstore selection.

London, United Kingdom - January 18, 2013: Amazon Gift Card in beautiful box ready to be offered as a gift. Amazon Gift Box with A greeting Card is delivered in one-day shipping through the world and is available to purchase million of products from the online retailer

#5 Amazon Giftcard: Amazon is going to take over the world, and (as new parents understand) it is the greatest concept ever.

playing cards on green table in cacino

#6 Card Games: Easy to store, fun to play, and it may even come in handy during the early hours of labor.

color manicure set of different nail polishes

#7  Mani/Pedi Items: While Dad may not opt for pink piggies, he would still enjoy a foot massage.  Mom on the other hand, will want her toes painted, so don’t skip the polish.


#8 Stationary:  There will be plenty of thank you cards written in the coming months. Shop Here


#9 Emergency Cash Stash Key Chain:  No one will know what this little item is until you explain it, but when they open it to find the $100 bill you have hidden inside, their jaws will drop.  It’s just a little something that helps a new parent feel prepared for even the worst day.  You know the day when the wallet is left at home, a flat tire occurs, and everything that goes wrong will… Shop Here

Beer on the counter at a tavern.

#10 Gift Card for Happy Hour: Let Dad have a night out with the guys on you.  He can grab food and drinks with a Visa gift card.  Same goes for Mom, minus the extra drinks (although, a glass of wine may not be turned down).  She may have a favorite restaurant that she and the girls enjoy eating at, and a night out before baby will be greatly appreciated.

Stuffed stockings hanging on a fireplace on christmas morning

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