15 Things to Splurge on When Pregnant

The mind can't stop thinking about everything baby, but pregnancy is a time to think about Mom too! The days seem long, especially as the body grows and the ailments start stacking on top of one another. It's easy to get caught up in registering for baby items and letting the days roll by without really taking care of yourself. But the truth is that self-care during pregnancy is so much more than just caring for yourself -- it's taking care of the womb that is housing that tiny bundle of joy too! Keeping yourself healthy and happy is a major part of pregnancy. There are several things that can (and should!) be done throughout pregnancy to ensure that both of these ideals are met. While many moms would label several of these splurges 'unnecessary' the truth is that everything on this list should be considered! Some things are just worth spending the money on, especially during pregnancy...

Pregnancy Splurges For Mom

High Quality Vitamins: This is an area that needs spending. All vitamins are not created equal! You get what you pay for, unfortunately, and the higher the quality, the better for you and your growing baby. New Mattress: There's enough back pain that comes with growing a baby, your mattress should not add to that discomfort! New Pillows: This includes an amazing pregnancy body pillow, but also means you should update your regular bed pillows too. High Angle View Of Pregnant Woman Sleeping On Bed Heartbeat Animal: The sound of your baby's heartbeat is a sound you would think you'd never forget, but alas, motherhood strips you of the ability to remember almost everything. Cherish the sweetest sound by capturing it in a timeless stuffed animal that can be kept in the nursery or played with over the years. ele9 Cute Flat Shoes: Retire the heels and spare your feet. Invest in a few cute and comfortable pairs of shoes. Maternity Pictures: Even if you aren't in love with your growing body, documenting it in a beautiful way will help you cherish this journey. pregnancy, rest, people and expectation concept - happy pregnant woman lying in bed and touching her belly at home bedroom Birth Photography: Technically, this is for during labor, but good birth photographers book about 6-8 months in advance! High Powered Breast Pump: Again, it won't be used during your pregnancy, but it may be needed within 24-48 hours after giving birth. Birth Classes: Investing in a series of childbirth classes will help you prepare for and be confident when giving birth. Herbal Baths: Adding a wonderful combination of premixed herbs to your bath will help you reach a state of complete relaxation. Maternity Spa Package: Nails, Massage, Float Spa, Facial -- Basically, anything that can force you into deep relaxation and comfort (and make you feel pampered). Doula: The money spent on a doula is an invaluable investment. A doula works to support you throughout your labor and helps you achieve the birth environment and outcome you desire. Chiropractic Care: Seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy helps baby find the best birthing position, keeps your aches and pains at a minimum, and promotes a healthy pregnancy all around! House Keeper: Throughout the third trimester and well into motherhood, a house keeper is worth their weight in gold. Prenatal Exercise Classes: Staying physically active throughout pregnancy is important, and joining a group class is a great way to make friends while breaking a sweat. pregnancy, sport, fitness, people and healthy lifestyle concept - group of happy pregnant women with dumbbells exercising on ball in gym   We, at My Baby's Heartbeat Bear want to hear about what your favorite splurges are during pregnancy! Would you add anything to the list?
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