Pregnancy Hack #3: Taping the Belly

You see colored tape on athletes all the time, but why? How can a piece of tape really help them perform better? And why is the trend spreading to pregnant women and belly taping? The secret is that it is not regular tape. It is Kinesiology tape (kinesio tape, for short, or even referenced as K-tape). This is not your traditional tape, and after learning more, you may be investing in some - or asking your chiropractor to tape your pregnant belly up! In April of 2016, a research study was published showing just how amazing kinesio tape is for pregnant women. The results stated: "Kinesio taping can be used as a complementary treatment method to achieve effective control of pregnancy-related low back pain." According to the kinesiology tape experts, the tape is made from cotton with an acrylic adhesive, and is "almost identical to skin in thinness and elasticity, allowing it to interact easily with the human body. The natural elasticity of the tape gently lifts the skin, allowing excess fluid to drain away and relieving pressure on pain receptors. It can be applied anywhere there is pain, swelling, spasm or weakness. When applied correctly, it begins working immediately and can continue to provide relief 24/7 for 3-5 days per application. Kinesiology tape is completely comfortable to wear and is also water resistant, so expectant mothers can wear it while showering, swimming or even exercising." This amazing tape has zero side-effects, as it is drug-free. It can alleviate back pain, swelling, sciatica, carpal tunnel, and other pregnancy ailments. It can be used along with a support belt or on its own. And k-tape is known to allow for a more restful night's sleep. Who can argue with that?

How to Use Kinesio Tape During Pregnancy

The beautiful thing with k-tape is that it's effects can be felt immediately. You can apply it yourself (at home with help) by following these tutorials or have your chiropractor apply it at your next prenatal appointment. Some midwives have even begun using the tape! RockTape-Pregnancy-Instructions   DiaryOffFitMom has beautifully documented a few great ways to use k-tape! ktape I have personally used k-tape throughout pregnancies 4 and 5, and I highly recommend it!  
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