28 Irish Baby Girl and Boy Names with Meanings for 2018

28 Irish Baby Girl and Boy Names with Meanings for 2018

The luck of the Irish goes beyond St. Patrick’s Day. An Irish baby name can be used to signify your family history, or it can chosen simply because you love the way it sounds. Naming your baby is more than filling out a piece of paper, you want to choose a baby name that flows with your last name, fits your newborn, and holds a great meaning to you.New parents today are looking beyond the baby books for inspiration in the baby name department. If you are considering an Irish influence, take a gander at these beautiful and meaningful Irish names!

Irish Baby Girl Names

A gorgeous little girl smiling hysterically with the wind in her hair.   Aislin (ash-lin) “A Vision” or “A Dream” Cassidy “Curly-Haired” Claire   “Bright and Famous” Deirdre “The Most Beautiful Woman of Ancient Ireland” Einin “Little Bird” Ida “A Thirst for Goodness or Knowledge. Kyla “A Beauty that Only Poetry can Capture.” Maeve “The Cause of Great Joy” Mona  “Little Noble One” Neila “Female Champion” Nora “Little Honorable One” Oona “Queen of the Fairies” or “Unity” Teagan “Beautiful”

Irish Baby Boy Names

Beautiful redhead baby with atopic dermatitis smiling Ardan “high aspiration” Art “Champion” Brian “high, noble, strong” Colman “little dove” Conall “great, mighty.” Davin “Little Deer.” Dillon “Faithful, Loyal.” Eamon “Guardian of the Riches.” Fergus “Strong Warrior” Hugh “Fire” Lorcan “Brave Warrior” Quin “Intelligent” Redmond “Counsellor, Protector” Riley “Courageous, Valiant”
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